Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sculpture and Works on Paper

Andrew Conklin
"Works on Paper" have been included in this show - but I wish it was  restricted to sketches - i.e. relatively quick studies taken from life - where verisimilitude, composition, and expression must come together in a matter of minutes rather  than hours or days.
It's a discipline that can only be  mastered at places like the Palette and Chisel.
The above is a fine example.
Misha Livshulz
I also wish that all the sculpture in these shows were lit  as well as this one.
But I'm doubting that will ever happen .  Were it not the afternoon of a sunny day, the lighting of the above piece would have been be far less suitable.
 David Cushing
 Debra Balchen
 Helen Oh
 Ilana Frank
 (makes me think of this piece  by Rodin)
 Misha Livshulz
 Nadine Michi
 Larry Paulsen
 Larry Paulsen
 Rich Bloomfield
Valerie Stanaszek


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