Wednesday, November 18, 2015

David Becker and Friends

David  Becker has invited  two of his colleagues at The Studio,  a McHenry art school, to join him in an exhibit:   Lucy Tonyan and Gary Wigman

In centuries to come, when people wonder what the American art world was like in our era, Christopher Wool's "Fool" (now showing in the Milwaukee Art Museum) should suffice.

But when  they ask what it was like to  happily  live and work in a bustling 21st C.  city like Chicago, Dave Becker's watercolors will be recognized as the masterpieces that they are.

He has a wonderful way of making  complexity feel  breezy, quick,  and easy.

So much stuff -- but it doesn't feel cluttered.

Gary Wigman

This reminds of that slightly ominous, old world setting for that great film, "The Third Man"

Lucy Tonyan

Reminds me of  top-notch, Scandinavian fabric design.


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