Saturday, December 02, 2006

Exhibitions: 2006

(note: this is a list of all exhibits that we've found -- and if we need to know about others -- especially ones that occurred before we began this blog, please let us know so that we can post them. Unless otherwise noted, all of the following exhibits took place at the Palette and Chisel gallery)

R.H.Love Gallery, December (Scott Tallman Powers, James Wisnowski, and many earlier members)

Rose Frantzen, November

Pascal Cruq at S.O.F.A., November

Max Ranft, Stuart Fullerton, Marci Oleszkiewicz, October

Five Point Perspective, October (Kathleen Newman, Antonia Franck, Lenox Wallace,Terri Niccoli, Liz Wall)

Richmond Jones & Christine Osada Jones, September

Kazuo Ooka, September

Platinum Show, August

Art of the Dance, April

Plein Aire Painters, March

Gold Medal Show, January


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