Saturday, December 03, 2016

Plein Air 2016

Stephanie Weidner

Here's my pick for this year's plein air competition.  I'm sure some profound psychology is connected to an obsession with doors.  Whatever it may me -- these are beautiful and haunting paintings.

The door is just barely open - but you can feel how cool and refreshing it would be to enter.

And it's fascinating how the artist has forcefully cut the painting in two, and played the right side against the left.

Barbara Herring

I also voted for Barbara Herring.  What a delightful afternoon.  It reminds me of a nautical jaunt my girlfriend and I  took in a local pond about fifty years ago.

Dana M. Johnson

A funky, sentimental setting that recalls urban realism of the 1930's

Errol Jacobson

Yikes -- this feels cold!  I feel bad for the artist if it was painted on site.

Lee Radtke

One of many charming depictions of our home.  This one feels especially urbane.

Mary Longe

A wonderful painting that feels like the set design for an opera - possibly an updated production of La Boheme.

Mary Longe is a remarkable painter.  This is her first appearance on this blog.
By the way, she is also a writer


Nancie King Mertz

I cycled down this elevated bike path back when it first opened.  It was a memorable experience - but I don't really care to look at roofs.   I'd rather bike through the city at street level.

Nancie is the club's most Impressionistic Impressionist.  Life passes her by as flicker of light  - then it's on to the next scene -- and the next painting.


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