Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Exhibit: Nathan Silver

I don't think this talented young artist has quite figured out where he wants to go yet --- but it's exciting to see him plunge in and then try to paint himself out of a variety of paintings, both figurative and otherwise.

There doesn't seem to be much pre-planning to his figurative work. He starts with
a view of a  model and then sees where he might take it -- as in quick sketch drawing.

This one's my favorite.

There certainly is a lot of manic energy here.  It seems hopelessly, but merrily,  entangled.
There's not anger -- there's not joy -- there's not beauty.  But there is excitement.  A sense of "I will try anything"

Another one of my favorites with some nice, sharp drawing in the face - and
an overall majesty and power that echoes Titian.

The show overflowed into the dining room (which I hope gets turned into another gallery space some day. Why do we need a dining room?)

Contrasting the old and new at the Palette and Chisel.


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