Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Suite 2016

 Bodo Stolczenberger

My favorite Bodo painting - ever

Maro Bizarro

With it's non-stop model workshops, the Pallete and Chisel does not attract many photo-centric painters.  But Ms. Bizarro also happens to work here as a model.

This is a haunting image, isn't it? As Susan Sontag famously said "All photographs are memento mori"
And the same might be said for photo based painting. 

Lenin Del Sol

A dramatic use of shadow - but it doesn't really help the form across Ann's back.

A fine portrait of Melissa as a crouching tiger.

This is a portrait of Maro, the artist/model whose work was also in this show.

Mary Klug

Another episode in Mary's world -- yet again proving the normal is far more strange than the fantastic.


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