Sunday, October 23, 2016

Exhibit: Open House

 Andrew Conklin

Helen Oh

I know that Art is not a competitive sport -- but I can't help but comparing Andy and Helen when they are painting the same subject:  The Fulton Street Kitchen.

With its black-and-white checkboard walls recalling the stripes on the Florence Baptistery, what Classically minded artist would not be fascinated by that building?

Andy's painting is better because it sets a scene of human interaction -- the staff is taking a cigarette

But Helen's is better because it creates such a mood of mystery.  What has just happened?

So I call this competition a tie.

They are both wonderful painters - two of the best in Chicago.

Lois Eakin "Where R U"

A clever little genre scene that tells a story.

I hope this girl figures out how to get home safely.


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