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President's Message - February 1915

R.V. Brown won the election - and here's his acceptance speech in the next month's Cowbell.

He sounds like a sales manager, doesn't he? ("get out and hustle")-- with the same high-spirited humor as his campaign speech from the month before -- and the emphasis on the "added prestige the club shall acquire in the future" (now it's called brand identification -- and I'll bet he did line art for advertising -- exemplified by the above "Ship of State" sketch that accompanied his text).

A good picture of club's activities is shown by the list of committees he appoints -- most of them with only one person - who will be expected to perform the task assigned. According to R.V.B. no one had to be asked twice -- but in reference to his "big blue pencil", some chose to decline.

The biggest committee (with the most work) was "exhibition" -- followed by "entertainment" -- but special emphasis was also placed on the library and the Cowbell -- two activities that currently lie dormant. (and despite his optimism, the Cowbell would soon cease publication for several years)

Notice the reference to "sergeant-at-arms" ? Why tell us that a new one will be appointed each meeting -- unless that used to be someone's permanent -- and controversial position -- i.e. keeping the meetings in order



Never before in the history of the Club has a new and budding administration gotten away with prospects brighter for a prosperous and constructive term than the administration just elected in 1915.

Party lines have been erased , political bitterness and animosity has been forgotten , and the present Cabinet stands united in the ambition to give to the Club, regardless of personal sacrifice, a year of honest and impartial endeavor.

I am confident of ultimate success because our Cabinet is in absolute harmony, an essential quality that cannot be overestimated, and because in the selection of our committee and chairmen we have not had to ask any man twice to take a certain appointment. Should he show a disposition to accept reluctantly, there is only one conclusion to be arrived at – the proper spirit is missing, with the result that the big blue pencil immediately comes into play, and “he who hesitates is lost”

Every man appointed to office at this time has accepted his task gladly and with a degree of enthusiasm that can only spell success in great, large letters.

The work and responsibilities of the Cabinet during the year will be equally divided between Philllips, Kleboe, Larson, Sayre and myself. For instance, presiding over the library and nursing the log book will be only part of Sayre’s work. Cabinet meetings will be called often, and each officer will be there to do his part and to voice his opinion on all matters that shall come up before this body, the big idea being that every ounce of efficiency in the Cabinet shall be brought into play for the welfare and prosperity of the Club at large.

The official list of appointments for 1915 which follows, has been made in an honest and impartial way, absolutely upon the merits and capabilities of the men, and in an earnest desire to further best interest and prosperity of the Club:

Exhibition Committee: John Carlsen – Chairman; Griffith, McCombs, Kleitsch and Knudson
Associate Membership – August Petryl
Active Membership – George Reiman, chairman; Jensen
Model Committee – Glen C. Sheffer
Entertainment Committee – Valentine, chair; Simmons, and Evans
Outing Committee – Yoeman
Publicity – Gordon St. Clair, Chairman; Harry Engle,Victor Higgins
Studio Accessories – Veiler
Civic Committee – Theordore Keane, Chairman
General Utility – Bertsch
Sergeant-at-arms to be appointed at every meeting

Harry Timmins has been appointed editor of the Cow Bell, and will look to E.H.Higgins as his associate editor. This issue is the first one to make its appearance under the direction of Mr Timmins.

As an impetus to greater deeds we have to look back over the many things the Club has accomplished in years gone by. Co-operation has been the keynote of our successes of the past, and co-operation is going to mean as much to us now as it did then.

Any active or associate member with an idea to expound that he thinks will serve to better club conditions will be greeted with open arms at all times.

The facilities of the Club today for painting and drawing are better than ever before, and the work done in the clubrooms and the enthusiasm shown must eventually have a direct bearing upon the added prestige the Club shall acquire in the future.

Exhibitions are being signed up and dates are being arrange for a continuous round of picture shows throughout the year.

The Cow Bell has been resuscitated for good. It positively can not stop during 1915 and by next January should be so firmly established that the mere thought of its ever dying will be tabooed.

All active members owe it to the Club to be present at every business meeting. Come up and watch the machinery work, and behold each chairman reading a regular written report for twelve consecutive months.

Remember, we want more associates and more active members, and the only way to get them is to get out and hustle. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT THE CLUB !!! IT’S THE BIGGEST THING OF ITS KIND IN THE COUNTRY !!!!


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