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Towards A P&C Bibliography

A complete bibliography for all members of the P&C, past and present, would be a huge undertaking, but well worth while. There is a regrettable unawareness of our past members' accomplishments, and the books and articles by them or about them are too often neglected as well.

To address this I have begun to compile such a bibliography. The following represents only notes on the subject, but at least it is a beginning. I have included books authored by P&C members, monographs about P&C members, or notable publications illustrated by or collecting works by P&C members. The following is in rough chronological order, older members first. (Someday I’d like to see the club library contain a copy of all of these, and if you have some of the rarer titles, I'd love to see them.)

Will Carqueville
American Posters Past and Present
Bunner, H. C.
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1895
(including posters by Carqueville and others)

American Art Posters of The 1890s
Hirschl & Adler, NY: 1989.
(works by Carqueville and other all-stars)

Oskar J.W. Hansen
Beyond the cherubim
Vantage Press ,New York, 1964

Chien-Mi-Lo : a satirical prose fantasy with interpretative sculpture
Nordic Press, Chicago, 1927

Sculptures at Hoover Dam
U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Washington, 1968

Frank Holme
An Exhibition of Drawings
McCutcheon, John T., Holme, Frank, Schmedtgen, William
The Art Institute, Chicago, 1897

The Colophon New Series: A Book Collector's Quarterly Autumn 1935. Volume I New Series Number 2.
Adler, Elmer; Alfred Stanford & John T. Winterich (Editors)
(article titled "Frank Holme: Newspaper Artist and Designer of Books")

Henry Hutt
The Henry Hutt Picture Book
Henry Hutt

(Hutt illustrated a huge number of books; just check

George Demont Otis
George Demont Otis, California Collection
114 pages illustrated by color plates of the artist's works. A catalog for an exhibit of the paintings at the California State Library and the Sonoma County Museum in 1996-98.

Golden Gate Collection 1879-1962; American Impressionist, Painter of America (George Demont Otis)

Joseph Tomanek
Seaside Sweethearts
Stephens, Lori (Editor)
Portland, OR: Collector's Press, Inc. 2001,
(includes plate of Tomanek painting)

Gustave Baumann
Hand of a Craftsman: The Woodcut Technique of Gustave Baumann
Acton, David
Museum of New Mexico Press, 1996

Gustave Baumann: Woodblock Prints from the Holme Roberts & Owen Collection
Denver Art Museum; 1991

Gustave Baumann: An American Master Printmaker
Annex Galleries, Santa Rosa, Cal., 1985

Gustave Baumann: Nearer to Art
Museum of New Mexico Press, 1993

Frijoles Canyon Pictographs
Recorded in Woodcut and Hand Printed by Gustave Baumann
Santa Fe Writers' Editions, Inc. 1939

Edgar Payne
The Composition of Outdoor Painting
Edgar Payne
(excellent instructional book authored by Payne, still in print)

The Drawings of Edgar Payne

Hatcher, Evelyn Payne
DeRu's Fine Arts, Bellflower, CA, 2002

Fred Larson
Wood Engravings
Fred Larson
Black Cat Press, Chicago, 1938
(with nine wood engravings and a biography of Larson, one of our founding members)

Frederick Mulhaupt
Frederick J. Mulhaupt: Dean of the Cape Ann School, A RetrospectiveNorth Shore Arts Association, Gloucester, 1999
(beautiful book)

Wilson Irvine
Explorations of an American Impressionist: The Art of Wilson Irvine, 1869-1936
Gordon, Cheryl Cibulka
Garamond Pridemark Press, 1990

Wilson Irvine
Mongerson Gallery, 1983

E. Martin Hennings
E. Martin Hennings: Paintings & Works on Paper from Europe & Taos

Walter Ufer
Walter Ufer - Sixteen Paintings
Christie's, Houston - October 16, 1982
Christie, Manson & Woods International Inc. New York 1982

Eugene Savage
The Elks National Memorial
Grand Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective of Elks

Albin Polasek
Carving His Own Destiny: The Story of Albin Polasek
Sherwood, Ruth
Chicago, 1954

Frank Dudley
The Indiana Dunes Revealed: The Art of Frank V. Dudley
James R. Dabbert, J. Ronald Engel, Joan Gibb Engel, Wendy Greenhouse, William H. Gerdts

Carl Krafft
The American Magazine of Art: Vol. 17. No. 9, September 1926
New York, 1926
(article on Krafft)

Rocco Navigato
The True Book of Tropical Fishes
Broekel, Ray
Childrens Press, 1961
(illustrated by Navigato)

Ed Grigware
Wyoming Magazine
"Ed Grigware's Art"
High Plains Publishing Co., August-September 1957

L.O. Griffith
Robert Grafton

Louisiana Night at The St. Charles, New Orleans
Souvenir of New Orleans, "The Paris of America," 1920
(booklet distributed to the hotelmen at the Annual Convention of Southern Interstate Hotel Association in 1920. With a menu and recipes from The St. Charles Hotel and lovely reproductions of the oil paintings of Robert Grafton and L. O. Griffith featuring New Orleans sites.)

Glen Sheffer
Wings Over England
Snell, Roy J., Illustrated by Sheffer, Glen
New York: Goldsmith Publishing Co., 1941

Leon Pescheret
Chicago Welcomes You
Alfred Granger
A. Kroch, Chicago, 1933
(illustrated by Pescheret)

The Principles and Practice of Interior Decorating
Pescheret, Leon R.; Pescheret, M. E.
Private, Chicago, 1925

Richard Schmid
Alla Prima
Richard Schmid Paints The Figure
Richard Schmid Paints The Landscape
Richard Scmhid, A Retrospective

Max Ranft
The Witch Book
Ranft, Max
Rand McNally, Chicago, 1976

Ted Smuskiewicz
Creative Painting of Everyday Subjects
Watson-Guptill, 1986

Oil Painting Step by Step
North Light Books, 1992 and 1997
(both excellent books)

Artists of the Rockport Art Association-A Pictorial and Descriptive Record of The Oldest Art Organization on Cape AnnThe Rockport Art Association/Fiftieth Anniversary Edition, Rockport, Massachusetts, 1970. 184 artists are showcased in this catalogue including . . . Frank Beatty. . . C. Curry Bohm . . . Charles Vickery . . . .

Union League Club Collection
(can be purchased at the Union League Club, home of a great collections of American art with many P&C members represented)

The Friedman Collection: Artists Of Chicago
William H. Gerdts
New York: Spanierman Gallery, 2002

California Impressionists
Landauer, Susan
Atlanta, Georgia, 1996
(includes Joseph Kleitsch, Edgar Payne, Hanson Puthuff, Arthur Rider)

I have found no little or nothing for the following members: Walter Parke, Ramon Shiva, Frank Peyraud, Walter Marshall Clute, Emory Seidel, Anthony Buchta, Carl Mauch, A.E. Albright Ezra Winter, Otto Hake, Bernhardt Kleboe, Othmar Hoffler, Arvid Nyholm, and Nathaniel Steinberg.

If you know of any books or articles by or about P&C members, or notable books illustrated by a current or former member, send us an email so we can continue this project.


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