Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rich Morrow Moving South

After more than 20 years at the Palette and Chisel, Rich Morrow is seen here moving the last of his things a few hundred miles closer to St. Louis, and the World Champion Redbirds.

One of the last things to go is this monumental portrait of Hall-of-Famer Carlton Fisk, one-time catcher for the White Sox

Unfortunately, the Sox never knew about this statue when they commissioned a (vastly inferior) cartoonish piece for Cellular Field.

Another of the last pieces to go was the above political tableaux -- commemorating the 1994 election for President of the Palette and Chisel.

To the left is one candidate, Cable Spence -- next to him - with a long pointy nose is Spence supporter Tor Muehl -- then comes his opponent, Georgeanne Gruenthaller in the blond fright-wig and Valkyrie helmet as she lands a right hook on the jaw of yours truly. (as his pants slide slowly down his skinny hips). Meanwhile, behind them all -- the partially obstructed head of the out-going President, Bill Trotter, can be seen (and is that a smile on his face ?)

It was all very dramatic and laughable -- with the first ballot ending up in an exact tie (since poor Mr. Muehl inadvertently used his proxies to vote for himself) -- but the second ballot delivered a resounding victory to Mr. Spence, who went ahead to completely remodel the basement -- build a program of classes -- and recruit a team of patron board members.

So... maybe the election wasn't so laughable after all.

One final piece, this bronze torso, may possibly be left behind on permanent display -- and why not ? Until the organization creates a policy for such things -- those who want the club to show a piece of work might as well install it themselves --- and then wait to see what happens.

Good luck, Rich ! His departure is really the end of an era.


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