Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring Sale 2017

There's so much hopeless drek in the Palette and Chisel bargain sales, you'd think that artists would be embarrassed to be included.

Unless, of course, you feel that your piece will look so much better by comparison.

Here's a table for the work of two long-time sculptor members,  Roger Akers and myself.

Andrew Conklin

This would be an ordinary Chicago cityscape - except for that nifty geoform abstract painting that has sneaked in behind the tree on the right.

That red rectangle is haunting, isn't it?

Andrew Conklin

Making the ordinary feel mysterious.

Kathleen Eaton

There were two wonderful little landscapes in this show
 that scream out "I love painting" as well as "I love the planet"

Kimberly Beck
The white of that barn is so delicious against the colorful trees.
It's early morning -- and I can smell the bacon frying.


Tor Muehl

As it turns out, Tor stumbled upon his true medium last year:  linocut  -- wherein he combines two of  his Teutonic obsessions:  precise mark making and a love of animals.

The piece at the top features a cactus he sketched at the Garfield Conservatory.

The piece beneath it comes from a display he drew at the Field Museum.

Shouldn't it's design be etched into a glass plate made by Steuben Glass ?


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