Thursday, February 23, 2017

Faculty Show 2017

Erroll Jacobson

The faculty show,
 like the classes at the Palette and Chisel Academy,
 is mostly about technique.
But the above painting is mostly about living in Chicago.

Steven Assael

Here's a piece that's all about technique -- and it's even didactic -- with helpful arrows to show the axis of the shoulders and the hips.

But it really swings!

I actually like it more than this artist's finished figure drawings - which feel too much like biological specimens to me. 

Audrey Cramblit

Audrey Cramblit


Helen Oh

Mary Qian

Steve Puttrich

Michael Van Zeyl

This one seems to capture the spirit of this moment in history.
  It would not be out of place in Lago Del Mar.
(or is it Mar a Lago - I always get the names confused)


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