Thursday, September 12, 2013

Drawing From the Right Side of the Brain

Although the Palette and Chisel has not promoted it,
our coach house has indeed been the location this week
of a 5-day drawing workshop
hosted by Brian Bomeisler,
 the son of Betty Edwards,
the author of "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain"

The drawing on the book's cover (shown above)
would be enough to scare me away from these expensive classes
 but I do appreciate the P&C's laissez faire
attitude toward instruction
-- i.e. there is so much variation in human brains
and what they prefer,
 it's best just to let students decide
who they want to teach them.

 Though I might  have some other qualms about this instructor
 based on this newspaper account of his run-in
 with the Manhattan District Attorney:

Then there was fellow artist Brian Bomeisler, who authorities said claimed to make just $2,200 a month while he traveled the country to lead $1,400-per-person art seminars on how to draw with the right side of the brain.

Bomeisler, 57, and his wife own homes in SoHo and the lower East Side that are valued at more than $1 million apiece, authorities said. He still managed to score $37,553 in Medicaid benefits from 2002 to 2008.

"He's doing very well with the classes," said Marcy Chelmow, head of Morgenthau's public assistance fraud unit. "During the period he was on public assistance, he had deposits totaling over $1 million."


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