Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gold Medal Show - 2013

Ali Hasmut

Here's my top four picks for the 2013 Gold Medal Show
(though, of course, everybody gets to vote)

Ali Hasmut really blew me away with this one -- entitled "Modesty", it flies in the face of an institution that provides 50 hours/week of the exact reverse. It also has gravitas - a quality abhorred by  Monet and Co. and his many contemporary followers at the P&C.

And I'm happy to say that it's this year Gold Medal winner.

Andrew Conklin

It's so good to see Andy's work back on our walls.

He disappeared while he was getting his MFA -- which didn't necessarily make him a better painter, but did encourage him to quote the world of popular culture and modern communications.

No one paints close-up as well as Andy.

Misha Livshulz

Misha showed this piece in his show earlier this year
and  this shrug  still commands attention
as an appropriate reaction to life
in the amoral but generally peaceful world of Capitalism.

Stuart Fullerton

There always seems to be a story behind Stuart's paintings,
and this one, mysteriously entitled "Agape"
would serve well as the cover
for  pulp fiction from the 1940's.

And its passages are very sharply executed.

 Adam Nowak (detail)

 Debra Balchen

Charlotte Arnold

 Christie Body

 Clayton Beck

Dave Martin

David Cushing

 Errol Jacobson

By the way, this piece is titled "West on Armitage"
thank, in part, to my enthusiasm for that title.
35 years ago, I bicycled through that dark, damp cave
every day on the way to work.

Kimberly Beck

 Nancie King Mertz


Paul Bond

Robert Tati

Robin Power

William Schneider

 Val Yachik

 Michael Van Zeyl



And now here's some pictures from the opening,
as taken by Del Hall:


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