Sunday, September 08, 2013

Plein Air 2013

Rita M. Walter

The variety in this year's show is breathtaking

Tim Leeming

Tim really feels passionate about these ruins

These new  paintings belong in a real gallery somewhere.

Nobody captures the cruelty of sunlight on urban ruins
better than Tim.

Terry Niccoli

This one feels like a throwback to about 1912 -
the golden age of the Palette and Chisel Club

Steve Slaske

A fascinating small watercolor with a curious sense of perspective

Barbara Kay Herring

This one is a flashback to the 30's

Bobbie Puttrich

Don Yang

I love this subject matter:

a traffic jam in a recreational area

Errol Jacobson

And I love Errol's feeling
for sites I don't really want to see.

Here's two very different takes
on the iconic monument

Stephanie Weidner

The buildings behind it are completely different

Jeffrey Baumgartner

Kathy Hirsh

Lee Radtke

Leslie Outten

Steve Puttrich


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