Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Presidency in 2008

Some final thoughts on the 2008 election. Since Ed Wentz will likely be the last person to seriously challenge the lifetime presidency of Val Yachik, this may end up being an important event.

What would Ed do if he were president? Presumably -- the same thing he's always done -- fascinate himself with promotional ideas and hang out in the P&C office instead of his own studio. He may want to get a different executive director -- but that is really the board's decision, and I'm doubting he'll be able to dominate the board the way Val has.

What would happen if Val were president (again). Actually -- I think there will be a big difference this time around -- because he and his board have given our number one cash donor of-all-time, Jane Ellen Murray, such a slap in the face - changing the bylaws to keep Ed from becoming President. Val's era of peace making is over - he wants to be Mr. Palette and Chisel - and he'll do anything to keep that position.

But hasn't all the building repair been done by now anyway ?

Maybe not.

I sure would like to see the second floor of the coach house reconfigured as a large open studio - suitable for classes and special workshops (so we can have more classes and special workshops without evicting any open workshops)

Because I'd like to see the P&C grow -- not just stand still - and there's no way to grow besides replacing private studios with public ones.

Of course, evicting all those private studio renters would cause an uproar -- they seem to have de-facto leases for life.

And while I'm creating an uproar -- I'd also like to see our gallery be taken seriously as a gallery of art -- rather than as a service to those members who can't show their work anywhere else. I think we should still have a few annual group shows that all members (like me) can enter -- but beyond that, we should consider that beautiful space as a more traditional version of the gallery space at the Chicago Cultural center -- showing the best local (and traditional) artists we can find. (and have a committee that makes those decisions)

But it could be that the above opinions are in a distinct minority.

A minority of one.


BTW - here's
an interesting local news story about Ed
- with some things you may not know.


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