Saturday, May 24, 2008

Exhibit: Christina Body

of Chicago streets

including another great Winter scene

(we've had so many this year!)

Portraits of Chicago streets

Note: this exhibit was reviewed by Alan Artner of the Chicago Tribune

And quoted as follows:

Nowadays, things are different.
More than 20 years of emphasis on
sexual, racial and political themes
have reopened the way less
charged content as well, and representational
artists again are
known as much for their subject
matter as how they set it down. An
example is Christina Body’s large
exhibition of paintings at the Palette
& Chisel Academy of Fine
Arts, which includes landscapes
and marine studies but nonetheless
marks her as a painter of the
city and, specifically, Chicago.
Body addresses both landmarks
and nondescript buildings, occasionally
from the high viewpoints
favored by early moderns. Some
pieces emphasize the spaces between
structures, others celebrate
the overlooked poetry of creations
such as the expressway, still others
capture seasonal atmosphere in an
urban setting. The landscapes and
boating pictures are no less able
than the others, but the overriding
subject is Chicago, and in a work
such as “Bend,” it holds a strong
attraction. (To view the artist’s
images, visit www.christinabody.
At 1012 N. Dearborn St. 312-642-

(which - until proven otherwise -
might be the first time a critic from the Trib,
or any other city newspaper,
has reviewed an exhibit at the P&C
since Eleanor Jewett retired in 1956)

(part of the courtyard garden,
not the exhibit,
but what a spectacular bloom
it was)


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