Friday, April 18, 2008

Must Dho Shomding Fur De Klib

Sometime around 1906,
P&C members added several
rooms to the clubhouse
in the Athenaeum Building

And in those days,
the members did the
remodeling work themselves!

Here are the noble volunteers who are pictured above:

H. Borgerson
Wilson Irvine
Fred Larson
Oswald Cooper
August Petryl
Watkins Williams
T. B. Thompson
Adolph Maier
Carl Mauch
Joseph Birren
Harry Engle

Fred S. Bertsch
E. Jan Krasa
Frank Dudley
Max Gundl
A. H. Ullrich
Samuel Stoltz
Robert W. Graffton
L. O. Griffith
Albert Kunze
George F. Schulz
John W. Cotton
George A. Rieman
Joseph Lucas
F. L. Arnold
Max Gundlach

Mac ??

(and I can't figure out
who did the cartoon)


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