Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning 2008

Walter Monastyretsky

It was time,
yet again,
for the bargain basement
painting show

which actually does bring in some good income for the P&C
as well as for the painters who might
sell a dozen of their works in one day.

Here's my picks
(though I came too late
for the ones already sold)

Jim Hajicek

Leslie Outten

(another corner of Le Grand Jette ?)

Mary Qian

(she's gone,
but not forgotten)

Mary Qian

Fran Mazur

Here's something unique at the P&C,
a floral in grisaille

Fran Mazur

Moissei Liangleben

Our old Russian
has kindly provided us
with a gallery
of former models

like April, pictured above

Moissei Liangleben

Here's Natanya,
who recently retired
(to get a "real" job)

Moissei Liangleben

And here's Candice,
who was really a remarkable actress

(and regrettfully,
there's myself
as the ghostly image
reflected on the glass)

Moissei Liangleben


Anonymous Natanya said...

Not a "real" job--modeling is a real job--just a job with health insurance. I miss the P&C already!

April 25, 2008  
Anonymous Aaron Seckman said...

Seeing Mary Qian's ala prima's puts me right back on the third floor at the P&C. I can smell the brush cleaning sink all the way from Brooklyn.

April 25, 2008  

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