Wednesday, February 20, 2008

P&C at the ARC Salon: 2007

Scott Burdick

Fred Ross'
Art Renewal Center
has finally announced the winners of its 2007 Salon,
and three P&C painters
have made it to their on-line gallery.

Scott Powers

This might be the largest, richest
national art contest in the U.S.,
with $34,600 in cash awards
and almost 600 contestants,
ranging from anyone who pays the $35 entrance fee
some of the most distinguished
artists in America

William Schneider

Back in the good old days.....
this kind of show was held by
major art museums
(like the Art Institute of Chicago)
and it could invite
the most famous living artists,
and award prizes (like the Logan Prize)

But the art museums of today
have accepted the more limited role
of following rather than leading
the marketplace.

(The A.I.C hasn't had an
"American Painting and Sculpture Show"
for 20 years. And thank goodness -- their
last ones were disasters)

So... until art museums re-discover their
raison d'ĂȘtre,
private foundation shows,
like this one,
are taking up the slack.


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