Monday, February 04, 2008

The P&C in various Chicago galleries

Mary Qian

I was walking down Ontario last night
(heading for the new train station)
when what should catch my eye through the
darkened windows of the Ann Nathan Gallery ,
but four paintings by Mary Qian.

What a nice surprise !

Nancy Albrecht

And I recently discovered that Nancy Albrecht
is showing in the Lotton Gallery
in the Bloomingdale's building at 900 N. Michigan.

Leslie Dinelli

Then, to top it off, the Richard Love Gallery
has picked up some pieces that Leslie Dinelli
was showing at our recent
P&C Sculpture and Painting show.

And it's interesting how
all three galleries are so different.

Ann Nathan is the Chicago center
for dark realism
(which is the only kind that
gets any serious respect in this city)

The Lotton Gallery
is primarily a showplace for the
art glass made by the Lotton family.
But, being aesthetes, they also have a taste
for painting -- and they show painters
from all over the world
(I think Nancy is the only Chicagoan)

While the Richard Love Gallery
specializes in the generation of American artists
(especially midwestern)
that was born 1880-1900,
so an historic Palette and Chisel member
is always on their walls,
but to their credit,
they also have an eye for contemporary work
that would appeal to the same customer.
(Scott Tallman Powers had a big show there
earlier this year)

This is definitely not an exhaustive list of the P&C artists
who are currently showing in local galleries,
it's just a few that I've just stumbled upon
this month.

But if we did make an exhaustive list
(which might be too exhausting)
we just might discover that our current membership
is really not comparing that unfavorably
with the "golden years" of the Palette and Chisel,
80 - 100 years ago.


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