Thursday, June 26, 2008

Statistics for the 2008 election

Over the next week, I'll be assembling statistics that seem relevant to the 2008 Palette and Chisel elections. Unfortunately, the office tells me that only the book keeper can provide a lot of it -- and she may or may not return before the election.

So far, I've got:

1. Number of classes 17 (Winter 2004) ---- 18 (Winter 2008)

2. Weekly hours of open workshops 50 (Winter 2004) --- 60 (Winter 2008)

3. Cash in General Account (to be determined)

4. Cash in Building Fund (to be determined)

5. Number of Associate/Artist members (to be determined)

6. Breakdown of the major donors. (just how important has the Murray Foundation been to our
major projects ? I'd like to know)

7. Building improvements completed in last 4 years:

*new shelves for library
*new everything for kitchen
*repair and beautify back stairwell
*air condition entire building
*beautify front stairwell and front door
*new garden project in courtyard

(and other stats you think are important ? Let me know)


Blogger orchidartist said...

Well, remember, getting artists to work together efficiently is like herding cats! Kudos to those who DID accomplish all those wonderful things in the past four years - they were things that, during my day, we only dreamed about (tho I have to admit the fence around the south-facing garden is no improvement. Sorry! ; ) Makes it hard to get in there, and kind of forbidding to look at... I remember with love the four years I planted many different annuals and perennials in there, securing us a spot on the North Dearborn Garden Walk, and then the disaster that last year, when a well-intentioned contractor was hired to fix the gutters, which required us digging up the entire suite of plants in that area. Unfortunately, they also accidentally dug thru the water main, so that we didn't have any water, other than what we could hand-carry from the Ruth Page School of Dance next door, to water them back in, and many of the beautiful roses and other perennials died. The garden has not recovered since. Someday it will return to its full potential, I believe, though! - KMG

August 29, 2008  
Blogger chris miller said...

I really appreciate your memories of that period -- and will appreciate anything else you have to say about the eighties and nineties.

August 30, 2008  

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