Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Marathon: Memorial Day 2008

I asked Brian Kotwica
to perhaps
include some of the artists
in his sketches of the models today.

(the big burly guy is Rich Morrow,
who, with his sous-chef, Ann McMurray,
was grilling some of the best
burgers the Marathon
has ever tasted)

and these are the results.

All of these artists
are recognizable to me,
but, alas, I only know a few names
and many of them are not members.

(above is Henry Maron
who used to be a member)

(though I think we all recognize
the acrobatic model who
in swinging from ropes)

The tradition of old guys looking at pretty girls
is an old one at the Palette and Chisel
... will undoubtedly last
as long as we do.

But not all the models are up on the platform any more.

Suzanne Sheridan modeled in the morning,
but then pulled out a sketch pad
to make drawings in the afternoon.
(like the one shown above)

Bob Simonelli

Larry Paulsen

Lenin Del Sol

Lenin Del Sol

Peggy Sanders

George Schmitt

George Schmitt


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