Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Byers as the "Chief Demon"

"Bolshevicski" was a show
that the club produced
sometime around 1922,
seven years after the
P&C's first (and only) "Annual Abstract Show"
and four years after the
club's most active modernists,
Weisenborn , Shiva , and Hoeckner
walked out and never came back.

So the club was now ready
to identify itself as the old guard
and make fun
of those wacky 'ultra modernists"
("a trio of Bolsheviks from Siberia
who are pursuing art, but never catch up with her")

Here's the characters involved.
(the cross-dresser in the upper left corner is J. Jeffrey Grant)

The cast included: Riddell, Hake, Lundgren, Adam, Tyler, Grant, Mack, Laabs, Byers, and Hoban. It was Written by Alfred E. Hayden, Directed by Audubon Tyler, Scenery by Julian Dove, Music by Hayden, Ingerle, and Biorn.

Otto Hake as
"Oddski Tecknicovitch"

The three Bolsheviks,
returning to their studio
one night,
talk their artsy avant garde trash
to the janitor
who gets so disgusted
he "gases 'em"

Saint Peter then rewards their souls with a
new life of "wine, women, and song",
but since all three are of low quality,
they're actually
being sent to Hell.

Then - finally -- the three wake up
out of their nightmare,
express remorse and repentance,
and move back
"on the straight and narrow path"
(i.e. more traditional painting)


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