Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sculpture and Drawing 2012

Debra Balchen

Bert Stephens

Bodo Stolczenberger

John Bostjancich

Judith Roth
(This posting informs us that the above piece was included in the "Man as Object" exhibit last year sponsored by the Women's Caucus of Art )

Audrey Cramblitt

John Philbin Dolan

Don Yang

Barton Faist


Stuart Fullerton

(who will begin teaching his first drawing class this month)

Lenin Del Sol

Mischa Livshultz

Peggy Sanders
"Stalwart of the Palette and Chisel"

Please forgive my fascination with the first positive image of me to be shown on our walls - but I'm so glad that I'm not bending spoons this time around

Phyllis Brodny


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