Monday, September 24, 2012

Palette and Chisel at Art Expo

Catherine Maize

Several of us received a last-minute, desperate email from Mary Qian asking whether the new Art Expo at Navy Pier was worth visiting.

My answer would have been "Yes" -- since I found plenty to enjoy and contemplate.

Though, I'm not sold on the sales pitch that a small fair is better than a larger one.

If I find 50 enjoyable things in a fair that has 100 dealers, I will likely find 100 enjoyable things in a fair that has 200 dealers. A smaller fair only benefits those dealers who made the cut.

But happily, the Thibaudet gallery from San Francisco returned this year, and once again they brought several pieces by Catherine Maize. (that's her still-life of carrots and onions that's on the wall above the P&C refrigerator)


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