Sunday, March 07, 2010

African American Painting

Or -- perhaps this exhibit
should have been called:

"Painting Poor African Americans"

(since the two P&C members who participated
are only African
in the sense
that all of humanity is,
and none of their subjects
would have ever appeared
on the Cosby Show)

Tim Leeming

The exhibit takes place
in the Murphy Hill Gallery
on the third floor of the
old Sears building

Can you guess
that Tim
works as a public defender
on his day job?

Are these portraits
of all the men
this young man
allegedly murdered?

Mary Qian

Mary has a fan club
that attends all her exhibitions.

Here's Errol Jacobson,
(who has collected 9 of her pieces)
possibly auditioning
to pose for her next portrait.


Blogger Errol said...

Chris, You did me good

March 09, 2010  

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