Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ralph Making Snowman

Here's Ralph Cossentino
as reported
The Daily Herald

"Even though I lived like five minutes from Randhurst, I would really prefer to be down here in the city," Cossentino said while on a break from his Native American sculpture titled "Amongst the Canyons of Chicago."

"In this kind of setting, you can't beat it," he said.

Working with son Sean and team member Frank Sorrentino, this is Cossentino's second time competing in a major snow sculpting competition. But it's not a far cry from his day job working with clay and stone sculptures as an instructor for Palette and Chisel Art Academy in Chicago.

"It's great, because it is a different medium," Cossentino said. "Plus, there's that whole fantasy and romance of playing out in the snow."

I think I've seen
that big Indian head
in the back room of the sculpture studio,
and thought
that it was something that had blown up in the kiln.

Little realizing
that it was a maquette
for public sculpture!


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