Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gold Medal Show: 2010

Linda Vice

The 2010 Gold Medal Show
arrived a few weeks early this year.

Several notable prize winners from the past
were conspicuously absent
(perhaps to generously give everyone else a chance to win)

And the above is my pick for this year's winner.

Because, by comparison,
everything else in the show
just says "Painting" to me,
while this one
feels like a compelling
human presence.

Walter Monastyretsky

I also liked this one,
even if I prefer
to see attractive young women
depicted with their shirts off

Michael Van Zeyl

is certainly challenging himself
with complex arrangements like this one

Lois Raub

I wish this style
of simple, peaceful sculpture
were as prevalent today
as it was a hundred years ago

Stuart Fullerton

Diane Rath

Something about Diane's florals
seems so appropriate for funeral homes

which is fine by me
since I seem to be spending
more and more time in such places

Romel De La Torre

Nobody but Romel
dares to paint
such large, sun lit figures
appropriate to American Impressionism
c. 1910

I love this detail

Judith McCabe Renner

I love this detail, too.
Very magical.

Stephanie Weidner

Ray Grzbielski

Pamela Val Gibson

Linell Beaumont

Keith Raub

Jane Ellen Murray

George Freeman

George C. Clark

Diane Hynes

Chad Aldrin

Clayton J. Beck III

Audry Cramblitt

Chris Miller

(note: these are, of course,
just my selections and opinions,
and are intended to be the first
rather than the last
words on this subject)


Sheila Wolfson

... and lo and behold
this was the winner
of both the Gold Medal
The People's Choice

Which completely surprised me
on two counts.

First - because
the winners are usually
those which are hung
in the most conspicuous places
(above the fireplaces or opposite the gallery door)

Second - because
the winners are usually
paintings that I like.


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