Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where Do I Belong?

"Where Do I Belong?"

"offers visual artists and poets the opportunity to exhibit their art and to work in collaboration with another artist, each using their chosen medium and unique perspective to answer the question “Where Do I Belong.”

(located in an empty storefront on California
that may or may not
be the Bellavista gallery)

And above is Mary Qian's contribution
to a poem that begins:

I walk along the morning shore,
lost in a sea of thought.
A scatter of jellyfish dots the sand,
a string of aspic jewels.


I'm not sure about the poetry....
but admit that I'm attracted
by the desperate Romanticism of Mary's vision.

The heroic artist!
facing the dragon,
a tiny paintbrush
her only weapon.

(and obviously
Mary belongs
at the Palette and Chisel)


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