Saturday, November 07, 2009

Exhibit: Brodny and Kovalevskaya

Here's Phyllis,
artist, aesthete,
and antique dealer
who has assembled here
a retrospective for her own work,
as well as for an artist whom she admires,
Marina Kovalevskaya,
and to top it off.....

an exhibit of contemporary

and antique jewelry.

(the above piece was raffled off
to raise funds for the neighboring Newberry Library)

She met Marina Kovalevskaya
when Marina had just emigrated from Russia
and briefly had joined the Palette and Chisel.
(one of many Russians who have done so
over the past decade)

Can you tell that she
had a different kind of
art education
than is available to Americans?

She works in a variety of 20th C. Russian idioms

in styles
that recall
masters like
Matveev and Erzya

an appropriate reaction
to the major events
of the 20th Century

Here's Phyllis' own work

The Gourd Family
(Phyllis' neighbors
who live down the hall)

The Gourd Family
(now ready
for assisted living)

A winter view of the front yard
(for those living on Lake Shore Drive)

(Note: this exhibit was reviewed here )


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