Sunday, December 06, 2009

One of a Kind Show

It's that time of year again
for the Chicago Merchandise Mart
to sponsor the "One of a Kind Show"
for gift crazed holiday shoppers.

As Nancie King Mertz says
"it's mostly got girlie stuff"

But it's also got four P&C artists this year
and that's Nancie's booth shown above

This is one of her recent pastels.

Is that the Brown Line
turning south onto Wells?

Very sexy.

Rob Waters often attends
my Monday night workshop,
and I probably drew
from the same pose.

(but after over a thousand Monday nights,
who can remember anything for sure)

Another shot of Rob's booth.

Michael Van Zeyl is to be blamed
for inviting me to this event.

The above still life
reminds me of Hovsep Pushman,
who specialized in painting Chinese figurines,
but Michael says he just got the idea
after finding that small statue
buried under the cushions
of the 3rd floor studio sofa.

I was already thirsty
when I saw this painting.

There must be 10,000 paintings
of this piece of furniture.
(and quite a few of Robin as well)

A wonderful little painting.
Michael claims he made it
before seeing the fish that
William Merritt Chase painted at the Art Insitute.

But can fish stories ever be believed?

This is the P&C sculpture teacher,
Audrey Cramblitt
surrounded by her
terra cotta torsos

and now she's taking them into bronze.
As you can see,
this piece had already sold
by the time I got there.


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