Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Done at the Palette and Chisel?

The above figure painting
by Walter Ufer
was recently de-accessioned
by the Art Institute.

(along with about a dozen
other American paintings and sculptures
from the early 20th C.)

It was dated 1915,
which was when Ufer
was still living in Chicago
and a member of the Palette and Chisel.

And it seems like
more of a general model study
than a personal project.

So isn't it likely that
it was painted
at an open workshop
at the Palette and Chisel Club?

(note: the Indianapolis Museum of Art is deaccesioning
this Walter Ufer as well)


Blogger dorian allworthy said...

It truly looks like a painting life class set up ! So many - many - of these sorts of nudes have been painted and so few end up in museums. Can you think of others?

February 17, 2010  
Blogger chris miller said...

Good question!

It would have to be the work of a very famous artist and it would have to be a very small museum - or a temporary exhibit.

Since if "painting class set up" is the first thing that comes to the mind of the viewer, the painting is a dismal failure.

The Braude collection of drawings at the AIC a few years ago had a Cezanne drawing that was obviously student work.

February 17, 2010  

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