Sunday, February 14, 2010

Exhibit: 2010 Faculty Show

David Leffel (self portrait)

This year
the faculty show is including
some of the distinguished artists
who come in to teach
special workshops throughout the year.

This is a nice chance
(perhaps the only chance)
to see their work in Chicago.

So..... what do you think?
How does Leffel compare with Rembrandt?

It seems like something one of the
artists from Mad Magazine might have done
back when the country's best cartoonists
were working for them.

(note: my New City review of the show
has been posted here )

David Lefel
(portrait of Kishio Takeda)

David Lefel

Henry Yan

Here's another
out-of-town artist
who comes in to
teach a figure drawing workshop

Don Yang

Don Yang

Ed Wentz

Michael Van Zeyl

Michael Van Zeyl

Tony Francesconi

William Schneider

Diane Rath

Robert Pernau

Marci Oleszkiewicz

Helen Oh

Helen Oh

James Hajicek

Audry Cramblitt

Andy Chan

(also shown
was Zhiwei Tu's portrait of him )

David Becker

Clayton Beck


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