Friday, January 09, 2009

Brian's Cartoon Project

Martin Luther King

Back in the good old days,
the Palette and Chisel was home
to quite a few distinguished cartoonists
beginning with
Frank Holme and Clare Briggs

Mahatma Ghandi

... and now we have Brian Kotwica
who has created this ensemble
of portraits for a book
soon to be published
by a friend of one of our members
(who met Brian in the Jane Ellen Murray Garden
during the Labor Day Drawing Marathon!)

Nelson Mandela

Now... the challenge is to figure out
the theme of this book.

It would seem to relate
to non-violence
and civil rights

Annie Oakley

... but then,
there's also this famous sharp shooter

Sir Edmund Hillary

... and this famous
mountain climber

Harriet Tubman

.... so your guess
is as good as mine.

Abraham Lincoln

Thomas Edison


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