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Board Minutes: 2002

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Hoard o Directors Meeting
Thursday, December 19, 2002
Call to Order: First Vice President Dayle Sazonoff called the meeting to order at 640

Attendance: Linda Boatman, Dayle Sazonoff, Leslie Outtcn, Christine Sauscr. Barbara
Graefen. Hill Ewers, Chris Miller. Alan Hruby. Jim McLean. Sidney Kavin, Michael
Wilkins, Janet Tracy. Jayne Bellows, Michael Doyle and Christine Jones
Absent Linda Jo Clough and Lenore Murphy

Reading of the Minutes of the November 21. 2002, regular Board of Directors Meeting Because the minutes had been distributed to each board member for correction prior to the meeting. Linda Boatman made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them as submitted. Janet Tracy submitted a change. in writing, to Christine Jones. However, because there was no discussion and it was not officially voted into the minutes. the change was not made. The motion to accept the minutes passed unanimously
Motion to Establish Communications Committee- Janet Tracy asked if the presentation of the following motion could be added to the agenda: ‘Motion to Establish Communications Standing Committee the purposes of which are as follows
I. to foster open and effective communication between
a) members of the Board:
b) the P&C and the community: and
c) the P&C and the fundraising community,
2 to promote communication and public relations between the P&C and others.
3. to provide a forum for the consideration and discussion by members of views which may be contrary to. different from, or in addition to, the views expressed by the Board or officers.
4. to set standards for written communications and publications including, among other things, the internet. billboards and the Quick Sketch

In discussion. Janet suggested that a public relations person could be part of this committee and Chris Miller said that a Public Relations Sub Committee could be part of the Communications Committee. Linda Boatman said that she would like it see this proposal go through strategic planning and committee review before taking action on the motion and establishing another committee. She said that this action along with a proposal for a revamped committee structure and the results of strategic planning could go before the membership at the April quarterly meeting


Quick Sketch Motion
Janet Tracy initiated a discussion of the motion, passed at the October 2002 meeting. which read as follows
“Motion That the Quick Sketch become an art bulletin and only publish news that pertains to P&C art exhibitions, fundraiscrs, Palette finances, art oriented activities that occur in our geographic area, and accomplishments by our members. That this bulletin will not be used as a political tool or as a platform for grievances or personal dialogs. That all grievances will be directed to the Board of Managers.

Janet felt that the Board should consider an alternative forum for the discussion of issues and grievances no longer permuted in the Quick Sketch. She felt that the format of the Quick Sketch could not be changed without offering the membership an alternative forum at the January Quarterly Membership Meeting

Dayle Sazonoff reminded the Board that this motion has already been voted on and had passed

Linda Boatman said this matter would require a lengthy discussion that should be conducted at the Strategic Planning Meeting The membership should be informed that the Board is considering this matter and investigating the possible use of an Internet forum
Janet asked that the minutes of the December Board meeting reflect that she is not responsible for coming up with a solution and presenting it at the January Membership Meeting
After consulting the official minutes. Bill Ewers said that the motion as passed by the Board did not require the establishment of a new forum.
Report of the Executive Director
- The appraisal of the Palette and Chisel’s art collection has been received. Bill passed around copies.
- The donor letter has so far raised $3,370.00, and Bill is hoping for $5,000.00 by year’s end
- The Building Committee approved the repair of the coach house toilet and bathroom floor for a cost of S240 00.
• Bill reported that Diane Rath had selected mid-February for the Scott Tallman portrait demonstration Bill mentioned that the Board had approved Diane’s request for this event, with Diane handling all details and expenses and retaining all revenue for payment to Scott and Costs associated with the staging of the demonstration Janet Tracy made a motion, that after established fees for Scott and Diane arc paid, the Palette and Chisel would receive the balance of money raised at the demonstration The motion was approved unanimously.

Janet Tracy made a motion to change the Communications Committee to an ad hoc committee Chris Miller seconded the motion.

Linda Boatman made a motion to table the Communications Committee motion Michael Doyle seconded the motion. The motion passed by a vote of nine in favor of tabling, three opposed and two abstentions.
Treasurer’s Report
Christine Sauser submitted the “Unaudited Income Statement for thc Ten Months ending
October 31 2002” which included the following information
Income Statement for October 2002’
- Total revenues of S35.308 were $6,328 below. budget
- Exhibition sales of $4,700 were $25000 below budget.
• Income from classes of $7,695 was $2440 below budget
- total expenses of $32,422 were $5.3 12 above budget.
A motion was made to approve the report as submitted The motion was approved

Christine also presented the Palette and Chisel Budget for 2003, stating that the figures were a guideline only She said that strategic and long range planning will help in establishing future budgets and that by June 2004 preparation of a budget will be easier because of additional experience. Christine also said that she did a study of the sources of P&C income, and will present it in January 2003. A motion was made by Chns Sauser to get preliminary approval of the 2003 budget Michael Doyle seconded the motion The motion passed unanimously
Chris Sauser said that the Anixter funds would be placed in the now depleted Bitterly account and that the account would he renamed the Scholarship Fund Any remaining Bitterly funds would be placed in the general account since a greater amount of money has previously been taken from the general operating fund which should have come from the Bitterly account
Chris Sauser said that the Finance Committee had conducted four Interviews in an attempt to find a new auditor. Ruzicka and Associates stood out as the best choice because of the firm’s experience with not-for-profit associations. Christine made a motion to hire the firm of Ruzicka and Associates. The motion passed unanmmousIy
Staff Bonuses.
Linda Boatman made a motion to give the following year-end bonuses to the P&C staff
Bill Ewers, $1,250; Marci Patina, $500, Kathy Garcia S250.00 Michael Doyle seconded
the motion The motion passed unanimously.
Michael Doyle moved to raise Bill Ewers salary by 10% beginning January 1. 2003 Jayne Bellows seconded the motion The motion passed unanimously

Membership Committee
Javne Bellows presented two artists for membership consideration Rhonda
Pcnnington submitted a self-portraii in oil and Laura Wolverton submitted photos of her
watercolor paintings Jayne moved that the Board accept the two artists as new members
The motion passed unanimously
Building Committee.
Four contractors have submitting bids on three options for renovation of the gallery
1. Replaster the walls
2 Replace the plaster with drywall
3 Install laminated panels of plywood and homosote material covered with a self-healing

Of the several bids received, the most reasonable seemed to be a bid of approximately S23,238 80. The work covered in this hid would include the removal of current wall panels and plaster. preparation of the walls. lubrication and installation of the fabric- covered plywood and homosote panels Since a fabric has not been approved, thc cost of the fabric is additional
Jayne Bellows made a motion to eliminate plaster walls as an option. Christine Sauser seconded the motion In discussion. Michael Wilkins and other Board members expressed the opinion that plaster was too fragile for the gallery wall. . Janet Tracy felt that more information about plaster walls was necessary before a Vote could be taken . Tie motion passed with Chris Miller and Janet Tracy voting no, and Alan Hruby abstaining.

Linda Boatman asked if the Board should request S5.000.00 from the membership at the quarterly meeting, to begin the gallery wall project.

Leslie Outten said that more information was needed before progressing with the project. and Jim Mclean said that it was important to see what was behind the existing walls before we proceed
Chris Miller asked if the contractors could provide examples of the various wall treatments for the membership to see at the January meeting.
Chris Miller made a motion to spend up to $1000 for wall mock-ups. Michael Doyle seconded (lie motion The motion passed with Leslie Outlen and Janet Tracy voting no.
Long Range and Strategic Planning
Alan Hruby referred to the following letter that he sent to all committee chairs. Subject: Strategic Planning Kickoff

“Here is a proposal for kicking off the Str.uegic Planning Process
As unanimously approved at the last Board meeting. our strategic planning will be done in a series of Saturday morning meetings. These meetings should start at 10,00 am and finish no later than noon.

At each of these meetings. I would like the chair of the associated committee to kick off the meeting with a proposed vision statement that describes the scale and scope of their committee’s topical area for the next 3 years and the anticipated impacts on other aspects of P&C operations. Subsequent discussions at the meeting will focus on the tenability of that statement as well as the offering of alternative vision statements by other attendees. By the end of the meeting, our objective will be to craft a consensus statement for that area of responsibility.
As we progress through the weeks, subsequent vision statements offered by other committee chairs should avoid conflict with consensus statements crafted in prior weeks if possible (problems should have been resolved at the earlier meeting).
I have used a “form follows function” philosophy in establishing the following order:
1. January 18 - Education: Janet Tracy (operating a school is fundamental to our mission)
2. January 25 - Membership: Jayne Bellows
3. February 1 - Exhibitions: Chris Jones
4. February 8 - Building: Linda Boatman
5. February 15- Fundraising/Donations: Dayle Sazonofl/Leslie Outten
How does this schedule work for all of you?
Al Hruby”

Al encouraged all Board members to attend the strategic planning meetings.
Education Committee
Janet Tracy reported that the studio space heater will be replaced and that the models’ clothing will be laundered. She also said that a meeting of the Education Committee will be held at 1:00 p.m. on January 11, 2003 to discuss survey responses in preparation for strategic planning.
Janet announced that Clayton Beck would like to have another summer workshop in 2003 hut that there was some objection from Phil Kantz because of a class scheduling conflict
Donor Recognition Party
Leslie Outten reminded the Board of the D nor Recognition Party that will be held after the January Quarterly Membership Meeting She asked that Board members provide her with the names of’ any member who has made a contribution to P&C, within the last year
that merits recognition. Bill Ewers said that he would be sending a mailing to all members about the meeting and the recognition party
Bonus for Barbara Graefen:
Linda Boatman asked the board to give Barbara Graefen a year-end bonus of $250.00. Chris Miller requested a legal opinion regarding hiring a board member as a contract employee Michael Doyle and several others indicated that from their extensive experience and from researching this question before. Barbara Graefen’s situation is not illegal. The Palette and Chisel legal advisor will address this and other matters with the Bylaws Committee.
Michael Doyle made a motion to give Barbara Graefen the $250.00 bonus Leslie Outten seconded the motion The motion passed unanimously.
Building Committee Motion
Chris Miller discussed concerns expressed to him by Jack Beckstrom regarding a Building Committee motion to be presented to the general membership (see Board minutes of June 2002). Jack suggested that mailers referred to committees or the Board for consideration should have a time limit for response back to the general membership Linda Boatman said that these matters should be considered by the membership on a case-by-case basis. She also said that the membership could make changes to the motion when it is presented
Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Minutes Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, November 21, 2002

Call to Order President Linda Boatman called the meeting to order at 640 P M
Attendance Linda Boatman, Dayle Sazonoff, Chris Miller, Alan Hruby. Jim McLean.
Linda Jo Clough, Lenore Murphy. Michael Wilkins. Janet Tracy, Jayne Bellows, Bill
Ewers and Christine Jones

Absent; Leslie Outten, Barbara Graefen, Christine Sauser, Michael Doyle. and Sidney

Reading of the Minutes of the October 17.2002, regular Board of Directors Meeting Because the minutes had been distributed to each board member for corrections, prior to the meeting, Linda Boatman made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them as submitted. The motion passed unanimously
Guests Jane Ellen Murray and Ed Wentz

Linda Boatman introduced Jane Ellen Murray who had been invited to address some of her concern about the Palette and Chisel
The first item to be discussed was the results of a survey taken by Jane Ellen and distributed to the board by Janet Tracy at the August 2002 Board of Directors Meeting Jane Ellen said that the survey was sent to her supporters only, at the time of the April 2002 election. She said that the questions and criticism pertained mainly to the previous board, and that no further discussion was necessary. Linda Jo Cough remarked that any survey should include all P&C members. not just a select group Jane Ellen agreed, and suggested that a general survey of all members be developed and published in the Quick Sketch.
On the matter of Jane Ellen’s letter to the editor of the Quick Sketch, she felt that suggestions about contacting the local alderman to investigate the possibility of receiving a City grant and other fund raising ideas was constructive and should have been printed in the newsletter. Jan Flapan. temporary Quick Sketch editor, had told her that the letter was divisive and would keep people away from the Palette and Chisel Jane Ellen said that she felt that the Quick Sketch should be a forum for open discussion and exchange of ideas Linda Boatman said that she felt that Jane Ellen’s concerns should be addressed by the Board rather than published in the newsletter and mentioned that the board had approved a proposal to keep the Quick Sketch an art information newsletter, free of political content. Janet Tracy said that a Communications Committee will be established to help bring concerns of the membership to the Board. Jane Ellen also said that she was happy the public relations folder was on track and would be completed in February 2003


Guest Rich Morrow:

Rich asked for suggestions from the Board about the damaged sculpture and pedestal in the third floor studio It was determined that the sculpture was beyond repair and that it should be discarded Rich also suggested that the Palette and Chtsel compensate the monitors in some way and proposed a one half or one-third reduction in membership dues for monitors, Thc matter was left for the Boards consideration at a future time

Treasurer’s Report
In Christine Sauser’s absence, the “September Financial Results and Treasury update was distributed to the Board. Linda Boatman suggested that the Board members take a few minutes to read this material that included the following information:

Income Statement for September 2002.
- Total revenues of $32,956 were $4, 132 above budget.
- Exhibition sales of $3,145 were 95% below budget
- Income from classes was $20.446. which exceeded budget estimates by $5,62l.
• Total expenses of $14.836 were 40% below budget.
A motion was made to approve the report as submitted. The motion was approved

Board Self Assessment Retreat
Linda Boatman called to Board’s attention to the transcription of the flip chart material developed at the retreat. She particularly noted the last page, which contained a rough outline of the areas to be addressed by the four ad hoc committees created at the retreat Linda Jo Clough gave a brief overview of a report submitted by the committee created to improve Palette and Chisel rules, policies and procedures. The report included the formation of committees to review the bylaws and to develop board standards and responsibilities along with a time frame for accomplishment of this initiative. Linda Boatman said that the four areas outlined in the retreat transcript are to be discussed when we proceed to long range and strategic planning.

Alan Hruby spoke about long range and strategic planning asking for input from all Board members. It was agreed that the Board should meet again to discuss the four areas of concern outlined at the retreat, in relation to long range planning. Linda Boatman asked the Board to select between another daylong retreat or four short meetings to be held on Saturdays in January 2003 The Board unanimously selected the Saturday meetings Total Board attendance at each of the meetings was strongly encouraged

Donor Recognition Party
Dayle Sazonoff. speaking for Leslie Outten. announced that the presentation of scholarships would take place at the General Membership Meeting on January 14. 2003 She also said that a donor recognition party, hosted by the Board of Directors, would be held after the meeting. Fifty people have been identified for special mention because of their contributions of money or volunteer time to the Palette and Chisel for the period of time from January to December 2002 Leslie had asked that all Board members contribute refreshments for the party and also invited them to suggest additional members.

to be honored. A special mailing will be sent to members reminding them of the quarterly meeting and inviting them to the recognition party It is hoped that this will become an annual event
Executive Director’s Report
- Safety cans have been delivered to the P&C
- Appraisal of the Palette and Chisel art collection began on NovemberS. It will take 30 days and be completed in early December.
- New light bulbs are needed in the third floor studio The cost will be
$600 00. Janet Tracy made a motion to approve the expenditure of $600 00 for a supply of new light bulbs. Lenore Murphy seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously
- Bids have been requested for a doorbell at the back gate along with an access phone on the second floor
- Bill read a proposal sent to the Board by Diane Rath. Diane proposed that a portrait of Lois Raub to be hung in P&C’s permanent collection, be painted by Scott Talman. The painting would be done as an evening demonstration, Tickets would be sold and refreshments would be served Diane would handle the entire affair and Scott’s fee along with refreshnients and publicity would be paid out of the ticket receipts. Diane said that she would like to schedule this event between the middle of November and the middle of January It was concluded that P&C would not receive any money from the ticket sales and the consensus of the Board was to allow Diane to proceed

Bill is working on a fund raising letter to go to members, students and others who were involved with the Palette and Chisel The appeal will highlight gallery renovation. Copies will be emailed to the Board for their input prior to mailing

Membership Committee
Jayne Bellows presented three artists for membership consideration: Laura Kreski submitted photos of her charcoal drawings. Yvonne Morreale and Melissa Moe submitted photos of their paintings. Jayne moved that the Board accept the three artists as new members The motion passed unanimously.

Building Committee
- Four contractors will be submitting bids on several alternatives to the renovation of the gallery walls The Building Committee is in the process of researching a suitable wall covering for the galleries. The Committee is also reviewing the lighting class specifications and will bring its recommendation to the Board
- The same contractors will be submitting bids for repair of the coach house stairs
- A light fixture for the second floor bathroom has been ordered and should be delivered soon.
- Linda Jo dough said that the Committee is inviting P&C artists to donate black and white drawings to be hung in the second floor bathroom Linda Jo and Jayne Bellows will hang the drawings.
- Bill is looking into problems with the first floor coach house toilet Repairs to the plumbing and flooring will be required, Since this may be considered an emergency repair. Board approval of necessary funds may not be necessary

Fund Raising Committee:
Dayle Sazonoff reported that the Wine Tasting Fundraiser was a success. A total of 114 tickets were sold and the Palette and Chisel made $2,223.00. In addition, the Palette and Chisel will receive 15% of the wine sales. Many of the attendees were from outside the Palette and Chisel and 40-50 new names were added to our mailing list. P&C members were also well represented at the event
Dayle approached Nancy King Mertz about teaching a 3-day workshop She suggested that the Education Committee follow upon this suggestion
Promotional Folder
Dayle Sazonoff relayed the production history of the P&C Promotional Folder that started at least two years ago. She said that in spite of the loss of the original folder art and numerous computer problems. she has made this project a priority and with the help of Sid Kavin and David Becker. continues to move forward.
Education Committee
Committee chairman. Janet Tracy talked about the need for scheduling longer workshops
She also asked the Board for recommendations of well-known artists who would be
interested in teaching a workshop at P8cC.
The Education Committee has received several lengthy responses to the questionnaire printed in the Quick Sketch.
Communications Committee.
Janet Tracy said that all Board members would be interviewed about this committee. Linda Jo Clough said she thought the Board should consider a Communications/Public Relations Committee This committee would address matters such as the Quick Sketch and promotional brochure. She said that a public relations person is needed for the Palette and Chisel. Linda Boatman is attempting to recruit someone for this position. Chris Miller said that this Committee will be working on the matter of e-mail communication,
Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8.40 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary

Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts Minutes
Regular Board of Directors Meeting. Thursday 10/17/02

Call to order: President Linda Boatman called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm
Attendance Chits Sauser, Linda Boatman. Bill Ewcrs, Dayle Saxonoff, Sid Kavin,
Michael Doyle, Jayne Bellows, Jan Tracy, Jim Mclean, Chris Miller, Mike Wilkins.

Change to Agenda. Dayle requests that the tabled Quick Sketch motion be addressed after the reading of the minutes. and that she would not be giving a funddraising committee report A motion was made and accepted to adopt the agenda

Reading of Minutes Reading of the minutes was waived A motion was made and accepted to approve the minutes

Quick Sketch Motion The tabled motion for the Quick Sketch (see Sept minutes) was reintroduced for discussion A motion was made to amend it It was seconded and passed. The amended motion will be presented at the Quarterly meeting for the members’ information It reads as follows:
That the Quick Sketch be a publication that contains any and all matters relevant to the Palette and Chisel, but for political items, grievances, or personal dialogs which will be handled in a different public forum yet to be determined

Jan Tracy will inform our members through the Quick Sketch that we will be informing the membership of this motion at our next Quarterly meeting.

Treasurer’s report. Chris Sauser’s financial report for August informed us that we had positive income for the month of $7,932 which is 724% greater than budget Credit goes to strong exhibition sales., net income from classes, and a $5,000 donation for repair of the second floor bathroom. Year to date we are now at $272,360 of revenue which is $57,894 of net income, just 8% below budget. Our cash balance in the bank is now $22.
President’s report: Linda reminded us of the retreat set for Saturday, October 26th, A
request of donation letter will be sent before year’s end. Bill Ewcrs’ Donors Forum class has been delayed. Jane Ellen has withdrawn her request to be Editor of QS. Jeaninc
McShea will help with graphics in the QS. Linda drove to Saugatuck, Michigan in order to spend a day with member Mary Steppe, who regularly drives to Chicago to attend
Palette workshops. Mary hopes we can sponsor a workshop in the Saugatuck or Detroit area. There are positives for sending the QS to our students and it costs nearly the same as just sending it to members Ed Wentz resigned from the Board. His resignation letter is on file (All Board members have received a copy of the letter per Ed’s wishes)
Bill Ewers report: The oil leak in the supply closet appears to be just a spill that has been cleaned up. The front door lock has been fixed. Jan Flapan requested that articles
concerning art would be welcome for submission in the QS. The third floor is being readied for varnishing. Hlazardous waste cans will probably replacing our old cans Janet Tracy, Barbara Lockhart, lull and Marci removed refuse from a blocked area in the Coach house The BBC in conjunction with the Discovery Channel filmed their Dating Game show at the P&C, emceed by Phil Kantz. The couple painted portraits of each other. The P&C will be credited on the Discovery Channel The last quote the P&C received to appraise our art collection was approximately $3,000 After a motion was made to bring that amount to $6.000, we amended that to allow up to $4,000 for the appraisal This amended motion was seconded and passed The idea of allowing charge cards to be used for the Wine lasting event looks to be a good idea due to the early response Bill will talk to Helen Oh about art restoration securing our paintings to the wall, etc.

New members Jayne Bellows presented Melvin King for membership Jayne interviewed him by phone. Bill and Linda met him The motion was made and passed to accept him for membership.

Building report: Linda Boatman presented the progress of the International Academy of Design and Technology (IAD+T) student design project for the P&C galleries. The
results of the project are being translated into specifications. The lighting and ceiling
plan will be ready in approximately six weeks. In response to Jan Tracy’s motions (see below), the specifications for the wall options are far enough along to obtain contractor pricing for the walls as a separate piece of the project The possible wall options as :
1. Regular drywall, which would require using a hanging system. Nailing would be
prohibited unless the drywall were patched & painted after each exhibit It would have to be replaced more often 2. Regular plaster, which would require using a hanging system Nailing would be prohibited 3. A composite wall made up of a plywood base with a
homosote lop layer, covered by a tough fabric that would part rather than fray or break
when nailed 4. Double drywall with the same type of fabric cover The board expressed support for Linda and the building committee’s work on the project, and trust and
confidence in their ability to proceed as they see fit, and make proper recommendations
to the board The board agreed that more research is needed into hanging systems Linda recommended that the P&C not require all members to use the hanging system, but offer both nailable surface and hanging systems as options for members to use
Janet Tracy comments. Janet made motions to address bids for these items in the Building Committee The building committee first passed these motions
Motion I reads as follows: Bill Ewers is directed to obtain bids to itemize the actions and associated costs needed to repair, plaster, paint, etc the galleries including walls and ceilings
Motion 2 reads as follows, Bill Ewers is directed to obtain bids for a hanging system for the galleries
P&C Catalogs Jan Tracy asked for volunteers to deliver catalogs, several persons consented.
Chris Miller comment. Chns M. requested that his tabled motion pertaining to a website be tabled until next month.
Adjournment: We adjourned at 8:40 pm Respectfully submitted,
Dayle R Sazonoff
First Vice President





Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, July 18, 2002
President Linda Boatman called the meeting to order at 6:36 P.M
Attending: Linda Boatman, Dayle Sazonoff, Leslie Outten, Barbara Graefen, Chns Miller, Alan Hruby, Jim McLean, Linda Jo Clough, Bill Ewers, Michael Doyle, Janet Tracy, Ed Wentz, Michael Wilkins, Christine Jones
Recognition of Frank Holt On behalf of the Board of Directors, Leslie Outten presented a gavel lapel pin to Past President Frank Holt, as a token of recognition and appreciation for his contributions to the Palette and Chisel. Mentioned among Frank’s contributions were development of the Fundraising Committee, setting the P&C on the road to financial success, being a hands-on president who was available to members, his personal financial contributions. and his frequent letters of appreciation to other contributing members. Linda Boatman read a fax from Sid Kavin which mentioned his personal appreciation to Frank Frank accepted the gift with thanks to the board and to the P&C for giving him the pleasure of serving.

Reading of the Minutes of the June 20. 2002. regular Board of Directors Meeting The minutes were read out loud by Christine Jones. Linda Boatman made a motion to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report. Christine Sauser. unable to attend, provided the members with a printed copy of the May 2002 Financial Report.
Among items listed In the Income Statement for May are the following.
Total revenues of $18,827 were 9% or $1,774 below budget
Exhibition sales of $1,880 were $4,950 below budget
Income from classes exceeded May budgeted levels by $3933.
Total expenses of $45,056 were 68% above budget.
Total revenues for the month of May were $189420, 4% below the budgeted level.
Capital Fund Campaign: Linda Boatman discussed up the need for a Capital Funds Campaign. stating that the set-aside from membership dues, presently used for capital improvements and the work of the Fundraising Committee. do not provide enough money for the restoration needed at P&C.
Linda asked that board members check the P&C membership roster to identify members with grant writing skills who could assist Bill Ewers in fundraising efforts. Ed Wentz suggested that a letter from the president be sent to all members requesting biographical information that might identify special qualifications for fund raising. Ed said that he would draft this letter. It was also suggested by both Linda Boatman and Linda Jo Cough that P&C considering bring a professional fund raiser who might work for a percentage of funds raised. Linda Jo Cough also suggested that P&C hire a freelance public relations professional who could help P&C achieve a higher profile
Bill Ewers. Executive Direr Bill reported the following,
-The P&C catalogs will be delivered on July 19, 2002. The cover art was provided by Jayne Bellows
- Renovation work on the second floor bathroom began on July 17. Work could be completed In two weeks if all goes well.
• Bill continues to investigate the possible appraisal of the Palette and Chisel art collection The cost of an appraisal would be approximately $3,000.00. Bill contacted to Evanston Public Library Curator who suggested that P&C bring in someone who could determine which paintings are worthy of a separately appraised while the remainder of the collection could be combined for a general appraisal.
- Bill reported that artist member and Instructor Phil Raneau has offered to P&C the services of a young woman who must complete a community service obligation for school. Since she is an art student, it was generally felt that P&C could find work for her
- The new photocopy machine will be here next week
- Bill continues to receive bids for replacement of the coach house roof The most recent estimate was for $3.00 per sq. ft
- The Palette and Chisel received landmark status from the City of Chicago on July 8. 2002
- Bill commended Lenore Murphy on the good job that she did, getting 12-14 volunteer artists to either paint, sculpt, or man the P&C booth at the Dearborn Garden Walk on Sunday, July 21.
Membership Committee. Ed Wentz presented two artists for membership. James Keadrick submitted drawings and Robin Phillips submitted prints of her photographs. A motion was made to accept the recommended artists for membership. The motion passed unanimously
Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Committee: Alan Hruby reported that he, along with Linda Boatman, Chris Miller, Dayle Sazonoff, and Barbara Graefen have volunteered to work on the committee developing the upcoming Team Building Meeting, with facilitator Mary Ellen Barry.
Alan also said that since he received no response to his request for Board Members suggestions relating to a future planning meeting, he was putting that matter on hold for the time being.
Finance Committee: Alan reported that the he had sent an e-mail to committee chairmen letting them know that a the Finance Committee would be soliciting their input for the 2003 budget. and setting a schedule for this process.

Quicksketch: Linda Boatman announced that the next issue of the Quicksketch would be an August/September issue with a submission deadline of July 31. Chris Miller asked about how to inform members of matters pertaining to the October Quarterly Membership Meeting, if the material is not submitted by July 31. Linda said that issues such as this or actions taken at the August or September Board meetings would be handled through a special mailing
Fundraising: Dayle Sazonoff reported that the annual Wine Tasting fundraising event was in development She also told the Board that a P&C general information folder/brochure was being created The folder, printed in four colors, would contain insert sheets with information about P&C educational programs, fundraising, exhibits, the P&C history, etc. Dayle will be asking committee chairmen to submit information about individual committee activities

Building Committee:
Gallery Renovation: Linda Boatman reported that the student design project was about to begin. Linda Jo Clough said that students from the Historic Preservation class would be visiting the Palette and Chisel on Tuesday, July 23 The Lighting class will visit in about two weeks Third Floor Lighting: Linda has received various suggestions for studio lighting. She has asked for bulb specifications from members who have voiced their concerns about the studio lighting. Bill Ewers will work with the lighting contractor, using members suggestions, to Improve the lighting situation.
Mission Statement Linda Boatman passed out copies of the Building Committee Mission Statement She asked that all committees develop a similar mission statement. Gallery Painting Linda Boatman thanked all members who had volunteered to paint the large P&C gallery.
Education Committee: Janet Tracy said that a comprehensive list of questions pertaining to classes and workshops had been submitted to Education Committee members, The questions addressed concerns such as “the role of the Education Committee, “configuration of the third floor studio, “monitor training.” etc. Committee members have volunteered to take charge of Individual questions and gather input from other committee members. Janet said that the list of questions would be open to Board Input after the Education Committee has completed its work,
New Business. Chris Miller presented two motions that he plans to submit to the membership at the quarterly Membership Meeting in October
Motion #1 (amended version): “That the board propose that the following motion be adopted by the quarterly meeting. That all motions to be presented by the board at the quarterly be published at least 10 days prior to the meeting All other motions be submitted to the office by the eighth day of the previous month”
Motion #2: That all artist members are invited to serve on any P&C committee subject to the restrictions in the bylaws (that is, that board members may not be a minority on any committee, and that the President has the authority to remove committee members for the good of the organization).”
Both motions were discussed. Since Board members did not have copies of the motions to refer to, Linda Boatman made a motion to table Chris Miller’s motions until the next Board meeting. The Motion to table was passed.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary
Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, April 18, 2002
Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by President Linda Boatman.
Attendance: Linda Boatman, Dayle Sazonoff, Leslie Outten, Christine Sauser, Barbara GraeIen, Christine Jones, Bill Ewers, Ed Wentz, Sidney Kavin, Chris Miller, Alan Hruby, Janet Trac Jim McClean, Mike Wilkins, Jayne Bellows.

Lincia Boatman Welcomes Board Members: President Linda Boatman introduced the new Board Members and welcomed all Board Members, thanking them for their time and commitment to the Palette and Chisel.
Reading of Minutes of the Regular Quarterly Meeting of Tuesday, April 9, 2002: A motion was made to waive the reading of the minutes out loud and to approve them, if there were no changes. The minutes were approved with no changes.
Report on Chairmanships of Committees:
Building Committee: Linda Boatman remains Chairman, but reported that someone was interested in the position. She will identify the person at a later date.
Education Committee: Janet Tracy Chairman. Janet reported the committee’s suggestion to bring all functions and administration of regular classes, open model sessions and special workshops under one umbrella for the mutual benefit of new arid experienced artists.
Ad Hoc Long Term and Strategic Planning Committee: Alan Hruby, Chairman. Alan will be planning an off-site, day-long meeting of the Board of Directors to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the institution. determine five year goals
Membership Committee: -Jane Bellows continues as Chairman.
Fund Raising Committee: Dayle Sazonoff continues as Chairman.
Exhibit Committee: Christine Jones, Chairman. Christine plans to review exhibit policies and procedures and to work toward improving exhibition spaces.
Donation and Scholarship Committee: Leslie Outten continues as Chairman.
Finance and Audit Committee: Christine Sauser, P&C Treasurer is a member along with Michael Doyle. The Committee is searching for a third member with a background in accounting or finance.
Bill Ewers, Manager of Operations:
FOX-TV Request: Bill reviewed a request, from the sports arm of FOX-TV that they be allowed to tape a publicity spot showing several White Sox team members participating in a drawing class at P&C. A motion was made to permit Bill to continue negotiations with FOX. Bill assured the Board that it will be able to preview the spot. The motion passed
Coach House Buzzer Repair of the coach house buzzer will be completed next week. Window Hardware: New window hardware will be installed
Electricians: The contractor who repaired electrical work at P&C will complete any missed items and repair any building damage caused by electrical workers. The electricians will also install a three-way switch on the back staircase at a cost of $250.00.
Window Washing: Bids are being collected for washing the windows. The cost will be approximately $300.00. This work should be done soon.
Third Floor Vent: A bid of $2,855.00 has been received for the installation of a vent that will remove hot air from the third floor A donor has expressed interest in funding this project up to a certain dollar amount. A motion was made to have P&C pay any costs beyond or in lieu of the donation, up to $3,000.00. The motion passed.
Building Maintenance and Improvement Priorities:
Coach House Roof: Linda Boatman said that the coach house roof would have to be replaced within the next few years at an estimated cost of $10,000.00.
Second Floor Bathroom: A motion was made to approve the expenditure to $10,000.00, for a complete rehab of the bathroom. and return this matter to the Building Committee. At the next Board Meeting, the Building Committee will present bids from several contractors, and supply an itemized list of recommended. At that time the Board will recommend specific action. The motion passed.
Building Committee Report:
Main Exhibition Galleries: Linda reported that the remodeling of the main galleries remains a priority. The rough estimate for this work is $250,000.00, plus $30,000 in additional architectural fees. Linda presented a motion that the Board approve an expenditure of $5,000.00, for this quarter, from the Building Fund, to purchase and install a new, permanent, lighting system in the galleries. The Building Committee would do the research, and bring recommendations and costs to the Board at the next regular meeting. Linda confirmed that new electrical wiring was in place and that only the fixtures were needed. The work could be done during open spaces in the exhibit schedule. The motion passed.
Photocopy Machine: A motion was made to authorize the expenditure of $500.00, and no more than $750.00 for a new photocopy machine. The motion passed.

Membership Committee Report: Jayne Bellows presented .- artists whom she recommended for member ship. The Board reviewed slides, paintings, and drawings by Ruth Dyke Challacombe, Kevin Anderson, James Kullman, Marc Walsh, Jason Millet, Lynda Glyman, and Pamela Preciado. A motion was made to accept all the recommended people for membership. The motion passed.
Fundraising Committee Report:
Spring Cleaning Fundraiser Dayle Sazonoff reported on the results of the Spring Cleaning Fund Raiser. In a handout that she distributed, Dayle listed sales revenue totals as $5, 039.25 to participating artists and $1,807.25 to P&C. New fund raising ideas were encouraged along with greater participation of members in planning and conducting fund raising events.
Skyline Ad: David Becker has agreed to design the P&C ad that will be placed in the Skyline newspaper. The ad will contain general information about P&C, and have a section for updating current information. A volunteer contact person is needed to call Skyline with the copy changes. Dayle will submit the ad design to the Board of Directors.
Dearborn Garden Walk: A chairman is still needed for this event.
Donor/Scholarship Committee Report: Leslie Outten presented the Palette and Chisel Funds list:
. Building Fund
A. Capital Building Fund
Funds are used for permanent improvements such as lighting, replacing the furnace/heating system, replacing the boiler, new security system, etc.
B. Building Operational Fund
Funds are used for maintenance and upkeep such as painting the walls, repairing existing Palette and Chisel property etc.
C. Building Furniture and Equipment Fund
Funds are used to maintain and upgrading building furniture, easels, arid equipment within the building.
• Landscape Fund: Funds are used to provide service, maintain and beautify the Palette and Chisel grounds
• Educational Fund: Funds are used to gift classes or guest speakers that promote art and business education within the Palette and Chisel
• Exhibition Fund
• Good and Welfare Fund: Funds are used to acknowledge members who are ill or have died.
• Helen Graham Memorial Fund: Funds are used to award membership scholarships to P&C members.
• Kiln Fund: Funds are used to support the needs of the sculptors.
• Marketing and Advertising Fund: Funds are used to assist in the cost of producing the P&C Membership directory Class Brochure, and Quick Sketch, as well as promote classes, workshops and special events to the public.
• Artwork Fund:
A. Funds are use for the cleaning and restoration of the permanent art collection
B. Funds are used for appraisal, prior to acceptance, of historical or non historical gift paintings
• Scholarship Fund:
Funds are used to assist members with donations toward membership, classes, or art materials. Leslie received the donation of an anonymous gift to be presented to Barbara Graeffen. The gift included membership dues for one year, locker fees, and $600.00 for classes of her choice.
Treasurer’s Report: Christine Sauser reported that the financial report for March was not yet completed by the P&C accountant. Christine passed out the January and February financial reports for the new board members and a Statement of Cash Flow for all board members. She also distributed a letter from Marvin M. Seigel, CPA, with observations and recommendations pertaining to P&C financial matters. She said that many of the changes and recommendations were already being addressed. Christine, responding to a members inquiyr said that the 990 form would be filed in May.
Special Events Committee Report: Chris Miller reported that the Memorial Day Marathon will be conducted on May 27, 2002, following the usual procedures. Chris said that volunteer help would be appreciated.
Reading of Minutes of the Regular Board of Directors Meeting of Thursday, March 22, 2002: A motion was made to waive the reading of the minutes out loud and to approve them, if there were no changes. Christine Sauser noted one change. The minutes were approved as amended.
Public Relations Event for Outdoor Sculpture: Linda Boatman asked for reconsideration of a motion, tabled at
the March 22 Board Meeting, to hire the public relations firm “Innovators” to handle the unveiling event for
Jack Beckstrom’s sculpture. Linda read their proposal, and made a motion to hire “Innovators” for $500.00.
The motion died for lack of a second.
New Business:
Recognition of Frank Holt Leslie Outten made a motion that the Board of Directors offer Frank an honorary board position for the next two years, in recognition of his past service as Board president. The possibility that an additional, non elected, voting board member would require an amendment to the bylaws of the Palette and Chisel was raised. The motion was tabled until the next Board meeting.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Christine Osada Jones
Corporate Secretary


Regular Quarterly Meeting
Tuesday, April 9, 2002
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm by
President Frank Holt. —
Nominations for officers. Frank called for nominations from the floor for officers. They are: Jayne Ellen Murray-President; Dayle Sazonof -First Vice President; Leslie Outten-Second Vice President; Mike Doyle-Corresponding Secretary; Barbara Graefen-Corresponding Secretary. Frank asked for Keith Raub to write names on a board at the front of the room. A motion was made and passed to close nominations. Frank read the names aloud for clarification.
Bill Ewers, manager of Operations: Bill Ewers introduced all candidates on the various slates to speak on their own behalf. The candidates for officers are:
Linda Boatman - President; Jane Ellen Murray - President
Dayle Sazonoff - 1st Vice President; Mike Wilkins - 1st Vice President
Leslie Outten - 2nd Vice President; Robin Mumford -2nd Vice President
Christine Sauser - Treasurer, unopposed
Christine Jones Corporate Secretary, unopposed
Mike Doyle - Corresponding Secretary; Barbara Graef en - Corresponding
Secretary; Jane Ellen Murray - Corresponding Secretary
The vote: Bill requested that we vote. A motion was made for Lenore Murphy and Andrea Vincent to observe the counting of the ballots along with Bill and Marci. No vote was made for the motion, but the volunteers both observed the counting anyway.
Officers elected: President - Linda Boatman
1st Vice President - Dayle Sazonoff
2nd Vice President - Leslie Outten
Treasurer - Christine Sauser
Corporate Secretary - Christine Jones
Corresponding Secretary - Barbara Graefen
Directors: Frank took names from the floor for directors and added these names to the existing nominees. They are: George Shipperly; Allen Summers; Jim McClean; Robin Mumford-nominated from the floor; Alan Hruby; Janet Tracy-nominated from the floor; Jay Ellen Murray- nominated from the floor; Linda Jo Clough-nominated from the floor.
Speeches: Bill Ewers asked all director candidates to speak. He announced that the two leading vote getters would serve three year terms and the next two leading vote getters would serve one year terms for Directors who had resigned. Then the vote took place.
Directors elected: Alan Hruby - three year term
Janet Tracy - three year term
Jim McClean - one year term
Linda Jo Clough - one year term

Voting Totals: A motion was made and passed for Bill to read aloud the final vote tallys for all officers and directors. It passed.
President: : BOATMAN – 62 MURRAY - 59
1st Vice President: SAZONOFF – 67 WILKINS – 55

2nd Vice President: OUTTEN – 66 MUMFORD 56
Corporate Secretary: - JONES - UNOPPOSED
Corresponding Sec.: - GRAFFEN – 62 DOYLE- 57 MURRAY - 3
Hruby 87
Tracy 82
McClean 71
Clough 63

(above were elected)

Murray 55
Summers 51
Shipperly 31
Mumford 20

Thank YOU: Linda Boatman thanked Frank Holt for his years of
service to the P&C.

Adiournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.
Respectfully submitted:
Dayle R. Sazonoff
Corresponding Secretary

Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, March 22,2002
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Frank Holt.
Attendance: Frank Holt, Linda Boatman, Dayle Sazonoff, Leslie
Outten, Barbara Graef en, Nancie King Mertz, Chris Miller, Ed Wentz,
Christine Sauser, Lenore Murphy, Bill Ewers. Guests: Jason Miller,
Clayton Beck.
Reading of Minutes: A motion was made to waive reading of the minutes. It passed.
Clayton Beck presentation: Clayton presented a handout with ideas for a special workshop at the end of June going into July. Clayton may me able to bring in some of his own students. The Board will consider his proposal.
Jason Miller presentation: (The Board has his handout from a previous meeting.) Jason requested a three hour block of time for his salon and Bill Ewers suggested that the third Saturday of the month would be good from 7:30pm - 10:30pm. Bill asked Jason what the salon would be structured like. He said each topic would be chosen at the
Previous meeting. Tree studios usually had approximately 30 people in attendance and 10 people will probably attend now. Lenore asked about refreshments. Jason said he would take full responsibility for cleanup. Linda suggested that we would give the salon a try and we could work something into the “Quick Sketch.” Jason will call Bill tomorrow with a membership application to the P&C and a presentation for the first meeting.
Frank Holt reports: In reference to the Jack Beckstrom sculpture Jack recommended Jane Canepa from Innovators (p.r.firm) . She handled Mayor Bilandic’s tribute. She is suggesting $500 to handle the unveiling of Jack’s sculpture. She would contact Chicago celebrities for the event (see handout) She recommended that we get new signage for our building. A motion was made for her services. The Board discussed that there is not any urgency at the moment for the unveiling as the sculpture needs repairs. The motion was tabled.
Bill Ewers report: Bill talked about the p.r. we received from the article about the P&C in the “Skyline.” Bill is working on a $50,000 grant from the Chicago Community Trust. Fox TV has a program that has people participating in unusual activities. This would be the Chicago Black Hawks Drawing at the P&C. The pros and cons of this event were discussed. CBS is preparing a new referral service on TV for activities in Chicago. They would like to give us publicity. Bill passed around an info, sheet. Bill Conte will build 16-17 new art bins upstairs. We will be selling our old green folding chairs for $5 each. There is an expensive plumbing problem on the second floor. The water lines need to be replaced. The floor is too far gone and we need to investigate the right kind of toilet to install.

The buzzer in the coach house needs repairs. (door won’t open.) We need hardware replaced on windows. The back gate is not closing again. The cold weather affects the lock.
Christine Sauser budget: We have the audited budget back in time to apply for grants. Christine is very happy with the $40,000 income from last year. Our utility bills were high. We don’t need to raise dues or rents from studios. Our goal is not to profit from this. We are doing exceedingly well. We already have a Harriet Bitterly account opened at the bank. We will be using it for our scholarship money instead of opening a new account. The Bitterly money has essentially been spent. It was never indicated on the written budget. Christine and Jayne Bellows have discussed paying models directly out of the office. It would eliminate the monitors as check signers and it would be better for our record keeping. Our accountant was pleased with his overview of the P&C cash flow and balance sheets. Chris M. asked Chris S. about collecting money at open workshops and Chris S. suggested using carbons. The problem is solvable. We could possibly sell coupon books. This problem can be discussed later. Linda moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. The motion was accepted.
New members: Dayle presented the work of Rosemary Fanti-Mance. She had already been presented when she received a scholarship. We reviewed Natalia Andreeva’s work in a photo book. A motion was made and passed to accept both artists for membership.
Bill speaks: dare Tate has resigned from the Board. Dayle added that for personal reasons, Clare needed to resign.
Fund raising report: Dayle mentioned the “Spring Cleaning Fund- raiser” upcoming and that it is prominently mentioned in the recent “Skyline” newspaper story. Dayle reminded the Board of a recent Board meeting discussion about taking a monthly ad in the “Skyline.” A motion was made and seconded to fund up to $2,662.00 for an ad in the “Skyline.” A discussion ensued. The motion passed.
Ed Wentz speaks: Ed read a note from his wife, Jayne Ellen. She wants us to consider using an impartial judge for the Board election on April 9th. Ed made a motion that we use a judge from outside the P&C. A discussion ensued with Chris Miller supporting this motion. Nanci stated that she was irritated with Ed’s disregard of the original choices and hard work of the nominating committee. Bill Ewers felt that he is capable of his responsibility of handling the membership meeting as usual. Christine Sauser agreed with Bill. Then Ed agreed also. The motion did not pass. Chris Miller made a motion for the ballot to be printed. The motion did not pass.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm. Respectfully submitted,
Dayle R. Sazonoff
Corresponding Secretary


Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine ArLs
Regular Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, February 7, 2002
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Frank Holt.
Attendance: Frank Holt, Clare Tate, Dayle Sazonoff, Leslie Outten, Ed Wentz, Jayne Bellows, Sid Kavin, Linda Boatman, Barbara Graefen, Nancie King Mertz, Bill Ewers. Guest: Jason Millet.

Jason Millet proposal: A handout to the Board proposed that P&C serves as home to an art salon. We asked Jason various questions. Linda suggested a trial meeting. Jason will keep in touch and provide with details.
Reading of Minutes: A motion was made to pass on reading the minutes. It carried.
Ammendation of December 2001 minutes: The original text in Christin Sauser’s financial report; Linda amended the motion to give the Board preliminary approval before it goes to the membership. Dayle made a motion to change this to read: “The Board gives preliminary approval to the Budget subject to additions or corrections at the next Board meting. The motion passed.”
Bill Ewers speaks: Bill reminded us about the Scholl reception. Bill has a connection with Drihaus. Jim Hajicek applied to Bill to teach at the P&C. The electrical warranty is coming up. Two light fixtures need repairing. The fan and lightswitch doesn’t work on the second floor. Bill will put a reminder in studio renters’ mailboxes about repairs under warranty. Nancie suggested a handyman service future repairs.
Linda B.: Linda made a motion to move Board meetings from the first
Thursday to the third Thursday of the month beginning in March 2002
to enable Christine Sauser to produce an accurate treasurer’s report
The motion passed.
New members: Clare Tate and Jayne Bellows presented new members:
Ron Berman, Georgie Hanes, Mary Qian, Shirleann Cruz, Victoria Barr
Renee Macarus and Helen Jensen. A motion was made to accept them.
Dayle speaks: Dayle commented that inappropriate passages regarding Board motions had been printed in the February “Quick Sketch” and should be subject to editing. She made a motion that the Editor of the “Quick Sketch” should have use of editorial discretion in regarding to improper and/or lengthy letters to the Editor. The motion passed.
Fund Raising Report: Dayle presented a folder/handout for grants that Frank Holt and Sid Kavin had designed more than a year ago. Part of the text has been written already. Due to Sid’s and Frank’s illnesses last year, the project was put on hold. Now that we have a good idea of the direction of the Donor/Scholarship Committee, Fundraising Committee and Building Committee, we will be able to finish the project. Dayle brought Dave Becker on board a few months ago. (Note: Ed Wentz designed a donor folder. The Board concurred that there was valuable information that could be used.)

The Fund Raising Committee asked the office to keep track of how we are getting new members with an emphasis on the yellow pages ad. Our committee has found that we are spending too much money on this ad. Dayle proposed prices for a weekly ad in “The Skyline.’ Dayle will bring this up next month when Christine Sauser is present. We have plans to send a fund raising letter to the membership targeting a specific need much like the successful “Buy a brick” fund. Barbara is revising last year’s Spring Cleaning handout. Diane Rath will lead a workshop May 8,9, and 10.
Honorary Membership Ed W. read a letter from Heather Bilandic thanking us for a condolence letter. Frank H. made a motion to give her an honorary membership. It passed.
Promotion Firm: Ed W. thought we should seek out a professional firm to promote Jack Beckstrom’s statue rather than doing it ourselves. Ed thought such an undertaking would cost $300. Frank said he would investigate.
Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm. Respectfully submitted:
Dayle R. Sazonoff ‘
corresponding Secretary


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