Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Don Colley

has been coming to the Palette and Chisel
for -- what -- maybe 5 years ?

And though he's never joined,
he epitomizes the kind of member
we used to have about a hundred years ago.

I.e. -- he loves to draw.

And.... why should he join, anyway ?

The benefits of camaraderie,
peer recognition,
and dinner served by Old Joe,
disappeared long ago.

Now begins,
a tour of the P&C workshops
through his eyes

Stuart Fullerton

Jerry Ruiz

Phil Renaud

Misha Liangleben
and Mary Qian

Erroll Jacobson

currently our most popular
male model


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Chris,
Thanks for puttin' up my doodles. Still trying to come up with the names of the as yet unidentified members.

March 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Dawlawn,
From Australai.
A great model, a lovely guy and keeps in contact now for 2 years. See ya soon.

Terry Bouton

March 20, 2009  

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