Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gold Medal Show: 2009


Alan Artner may have been the first art critic
in modern times
to review an exhibit at the Palette and Chisel,
but I have been the first to publish a review
of our Gold Medal Show

Larry Paulsen
(Gold Medal Award)

Judith McCabe Renner
(Second Place)

Val Yachik

Walter Monastyzetsky

William A. Gram

Daniel Coonfield

Clayton Beck (Honorable Mention)

Michael Van Zeyl

Stephen Giannini
("The Unattended Package")

Sheila Wolfson

Misha Livshulz

Mary Qian

Barbara Lockhart

Lenin Del Sol

Joseph Gruber

James Kujaca

Helen Oh

Errol Jacobson

Diane Rath

George Clark

Chris Miller

Antonio Bedolla


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