Monday, October 22, 2012

Tim Rees Finale

It wasn't too long ago that I was blown away by Tim's first show at the Palette and Chisel, and now, sadly, this is his last, as like so many of our members before him, he moves out west to the land of sunny skies and receptive galleries

I've always thought that the intelligence of an observational artist can be measured by how long it takes them to discover the P&C. It took me ten years after coming to Chicago, but as Tim tells us in this essay he learned about us from Bonnie Anderson in Scottsdale, and figured out that: "With over 60 hours of models a week, the cost of membership makes the the model fee a mere 12 cents an hour for those who take advantage of all of the sessions."

He also has some negative things to say about our gray skies and crowded workshops - but if the workshops weren't crowded, we wouldn't have them.

Looking over the work in this final exhibition, it looks like Tim is heading in a more dramatic direction. Will he end up doing paintings of biblical, mythological, or historical scenes ?

(Above photos by Del Hall)


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