Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Albert Alfredson

Albert Alfredson (1907-1977) was the P&C president from 1962-64.

As you can read above, he took classes at both the Chicago Academy and the Art Institute. Mention is also made of a teacher, the local painter, Wellington Reynolds, and it's not hard to see the resemblance.


Blogger Charles Charpentier said...

I happen to own an Albert Alfredson painting. It's one he did of a stone bridge in winter with a stream and trees. Very cold. I love it. I received it from my late brother-in-law in Chicago. He got it from his parents. Who knows where they got it! I would be interested in purchasing one or two more of his paintings, if you know of anyone who owns one. Thank you.

March 15, 2017  
Blogger Jose 813 said...

If you are still looking, San Antonio Antiques in San Antonio, Florida has one for sale.

May 14, 2018  

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