Thursday, June 02, 2011

Memorial Day Drawing Marathon

I've been neglecting to
shoot pictures of the drawing marathons lately.

So thank goodness
Don Colley
has stepped into the breach.

He even provides some critical commentary
as well as a portrait of the
"keeper of the feral mane"

He would have to be recognized
as one of the Palette and Chisel's
most serious, committed, and able artists,
but as of this date,
he still is not a member.

(though the recent inflation
of workshop ticket prices
may soon convince him to join)

If anyone else has posted pictures
of their work at the drawing marathons
I'd love to link to them.

additions as follows:

George C. Clark


Blogger Baildon Moor said...

Hi Chris,

I posted one of my drawings from the Model Marathon on my on my figure drawing blog at That's the blog I created to feed changing content onto the "Drawing of the Week" feature of my paintings and graphics website at


June 02, 2011  

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