Sunday, May 01, 2011

Artropolis 2011

Carl Hoeckner, 1883-1972
"Homecoming", 1918

Except for the above,
this year's Artropolis is showing
most of the usual suspects
found in previous years:




I first saw "Homecoming" in this show at the Chicago History Museum 3 years ago.

Now it's for sale,
and a mere $220,000 will take it home.

Hoeckner was one of the P&C modernists
who quit club around 1920,
finding the rest of us to be too conservative.

Frederick Mulhaupt (1871-1938)

Catherine Maize

Catherine and Patrick used to live in the basement of the P&C,
and her still-life
now hangs in the library
above Frederick Gray's portrait of Marzolo.
(the man holding a cigar)

Once a year, her San Francisco Gallery, Paul Thiebaud brings her recent paintings to Art Chicago.

Catherine Maize

Catherine Maize

Louis Oscar Griffith (1875 - 1956)

Griffith has been dead now for 55 years,
but every year new landscapes of his,
usually from Brown County,
have been appearing at the Antiques Fair




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