Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicago Artists from the Forties

Alice Seabourne (the daughter of former P&C president Harry Leon Engle) has sent me the above page of charactures of Chicago artists.

No date was attached, but judging from their ages, it would seem to have come from the early 1940's. (Claude Buck had moved to California by 1945)

The cartoonist was P&C member, Paul Plaschke.

Ethel Crouch Brown
Macena Barton
Anna Lynch
Karl C. Brandner*
Oscard D. Soellner*
Gianni Cilfone*
F.R. Harper
Albin Polasek*
Oskar Gross*
Jerome J. Klapka
Antonin Sterba*
Fred Torrey
Jacob Richard
Wilbur G. Adam
Emory Seidel*
Julius Moessel
Rudolph Ingerle*
Roy Ketchum
Karl Plath*
Walter Krawiec

*member of Palette and Chisel

Frederic Tellander
Marie Blanke
Paul Plaschke
Yvonne L. D. Pryor
Harriet Krawiec
Averil Conwell
Leslie Buck
Farrand Dodge
Paul Lehman
Claude Buck
Gasper J Ruffolo
Ruth Sherwood
Frank Dudley*
Leo Marzolo*
Ruth Van Sickle Ford*
Benjamin S. Kanne
Harry Engle*
Elmer A. Forsberg
Edithe Jane Cassady
William H. Mosby
John Wittrup
Tunis Ponsen


Blogger Richard Grell said...

I love this! My grand-uncle new many of these artists, Louis Grell (1887-1960) Tree Studio resident artists.

December 13, 2012  

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