Monday, May 23, 2011

Exhibit: Ruth Van Sickle Ford

Two blocks south of Seidel's sculpture
on the New York Street Bridge,
is the Aurora Public Art Commission gallery
which features another Palette and Chisel member,
Ruth Van Sickle Ford (1897-1989)
through Aug. 12

(Here's the review I wrote for Newcity )

This exhibit commemorates
the publication of the above biography
"Warm Light, Cool Shadows"
by Nancy Smith Hopp.

In addition to about 30 paintings,
this exhibit also has a display
of memorabilia,
including the above photo
of Ruth teaching.

and a view inside her famous "Round House"
designed by Bruce Goff

Here's an aerial view
lifted from Google Maps.

This painting is called "The Mask",
and I think it's a self portrait.
(but that's only my guess)


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