Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exhibit: Arnold Turtle

In my 20 years at the club,
I've never before seen an exhibit
of one of the historic members.

(so the odds are,
I'll never see one again)

Turtle died over 50 years ago,
but his work seems
just as exciting as ever.

(more can be read about him here )

especially in close-ups

several of the pieces,
like this one,
have been donated
to the P&C's permanent collection.


Blogger GemStone Media said...

Hey Chris, great blog.

I'm an old Palette and Chisel guy and I'm trying to find Larry Paulsen these days. He's changed his phone number in Oak Park and I can't reach him. I'm now living in Germany and have thought of Larry several times recently but can't connect with him.

Do you know how I might reach Larry and to just say "hey"? You can reach me by my email:

Thanks Chris.


November 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad my mother and aunt got to see this gorgeous exhibit and part of their family history. My mother's maiden name is Turtle. Great Uncle Arnold lived for awhile with my grandparents Edith and Reg Turtle in Clarendon Hills. These paintings are beautiful and very colorful, before his eyesight started degenerating. If you get a chance, visit the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville IN and see the woman in yellow. She is beautiful. Uncle Arnold painted a wedding portrait of my mother that still hangs in my living room! Thank you for sharing his very considerable talents with the world! - JAZ

November 21, 2008  

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