Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Life and Death of Arnold Turtle

The highlight of the P&C Quarterly meeting
in September, 2007
had to be the display of several
magnificent paintings by
Arnold Turtle (1892-1954)
that have been given to the Palette and Chisel.

and here's the page in the log book
that records the day in 1926 that he joined,
paying the $100 initiation fee.

(and all the other fees as well,
including the $12/quarter dues,
$1/year locker fee,
a $5 assessment (purpose unknown)
and the $1/year "camp tax")

While, here, sadly enough
is his obituary from a local newspaper,
locating his studio on North Clark
and mentioning his interests in music.

Other brief biographies mention that he
was born in Birmingham, England, and as a
a young man financed his studies in musical composition
by selling his paintings.

(BTW -- he remained a member until the day he died -
at which time the P&C dues had risen to
the astronomical fee of $15/quarter)

The paintings shown on this page
have been culled off the internet

(the Palette and Chisel's collection
will be presented later)

(apparently he had seen the work of
Hovsep Pushman)


Blogger JLFLUVSLJS said...

I am interest in Mr. Turtle, I have some of his paintings. My Grandmother was a personal friend of his. She received several pieces over the years.Any information is appreciated. email me thanks.

July 22, 2009  

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