Friday, September 21, 2007

Madron LLC 2007

Madron LLC
(at Sheffield and North)
is a P&C kind of gallery

i.e. it's filled with paintings
that are actually trying to be enjoyable.

Last year ,
many older P&C artists were on display

But this year ...
maybe they've all been sold ??

they had a Twachtman
(no.. he never lived in Chicago)

but what a painter !

The P&C was represented,
by Phylis Brodny
in the University of Michigan
alumni exhibition

(thank goodness they beat Notre Dame last weekend,
so they weren't ashamed to show their faces)

This year's discovery was
Rachael Hartley (1884-1955)

Who was she ??

She obviously lived in Chicago,
but women were not
welcome at the P&C until after her death

and actually,
there's absolutely nothing about her on the internet
(until now !)

What a good painter she was.

(and I wonder where the rest of her paintings are)


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