Saturday, October 11, 2008

P&C at the Union League Club

Walter Ufer

It's one of the few surviving Chicago clubs
that's older than the Palette and Chisel

so I guess it's only fair
that their collection of painting
is larger than ours
(by about 20:1)

Walter Ufer

But at least there's quite a few
of their over 700 artworks

that were done by P&C members
back in its early years.

(they've tended to ignore us
ever since)

Victor Higgins

Guided tours are being offered to the public
every Saturday in October

and this is an especially good year to go
since they have several pieces from the Bridges Collection
on display as well.

Wilson Irvine

Alfred Juergens

Carl Krafft

Albin Polasek

Walter Clute

Frank Dudley

J. Jeffrey Grant

Oskar Gross

Victor Higgins

Adam Albright


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