Saturday, January 26, 2013

Picasso at the Palette and Chisel

OK - Picasso never came to Chicago, much less the Palette and Chisel.

But when he was a 17 year old art student, he attended life class at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

That was in 1898 - the Palette and Chisel was 3 years old - and the above certainly looks like it could have been done in one of our workshops -- even today.

It's flat, overall style reminds me of Bodo.


BTW - the above image can be found in John Richardson's 'A Life of Picasso Volume One" which I'll leave in the P&C library when I'm done. (a good way to prepare for the Picasso and Chicago show that opens at the A.I.C. on February 20. )

It's a very detailed account of art education in Spain c. 1900, since Pablo Ruiz attended many art schools in several cities and had many teachers.

When he made the above drawing, he had been attending art schools for four years and drawing for about ten.

Here's a scene from 1894 that also reminds of the Palette and Chisel.

When the model takes a reclining pose, I also like a foreshortened view.

The artist is Ramon Casas, a leading artist in Barcelona when Picasso first arrived there at age 17. (Casas was about 30 at the time)


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