Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Midwest Painters Group

Tina Engels

I just ran across
this group of painters.

Their website looks like
it was designed by default
but many of their paintings
look pretty good.

Timothy King

They all live in different cities
so unlike the Palette and Chisel
their group will never own their own studio and gallery.

And judging by their website,
I doubt they have dues
or even a firm list of members.

Rob Brock

But they do put on shows
throughout the Midwest
and they have something like
a manifesto:

The Midwest Paint Group, (MPG), is an association of Midwestern US-based painters working under varied processes defined as Post Abstract Figuration.

This type of painting is built on configurations and conceptions that evolved out of the past great traditions of art and of 20th Century modernist painting. It is the group’s position that emotive and expressive abstractions are at the core of their images. Each member of the group individually interprets the perceptual-observational process into a pictorial format that evokes the strongest sense of abstract plasticity.

Painting is the power of two-dimensional space reaching into the representational visceral aspect of three-dimensional reality. In this sense, to be an MPG painter is a quest to becoming highly aware of nature’s complex beauty balanced against the nature of unifying human vision and deep emotion.

Philip Hale

And as you may guessed from the verbage,
these are all MFA's
which means they can teach
in accredited programs
instead of just week-long workshops.

Megan Williamson

Jeremy Long

Jeremy Long

Deborah Chlebek

Amy Maclennan


They also reach out
to include these non-members
in their shows:

Walter King

Wilbur Niewald

Wilber Niewald

Stanley Lewis

Stanley Lewis

Olivera Pudar

Olivera Pudar

Lennart Anderson

Lennart Anderson

Lennart Anderson

Lennart Anderson

Gabriel Laderman

Chris Semergieff

Albert Kresch


Last year,
one of their shows
went into the Beverly Arts Center.

And one day I hope,
they will show their work at
1012 N. Dearborn.


Blogger Timothy King said...


I have been working on improving our website.

A couple of corrections. The Midwest Paint Group was founded in 1999. We have a steady membership and pay dues. Most of the funds are invested in the many traveling exhibits we have been proud of. We produce catalogs that document these shows and we invest a lot of time and funds traveling to these venues for the receptions so that there are always several if not most of the MPG membership in attendance.

I thank you for you write up and I have linked this blog to our website.


Timothy King

November 05, 2012  

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